[Reader-list] On the Hindu Photograph, 17-06-10

Prakash K Ray pkray11 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 18 14:09:36 IST 2010

Dear Mr Ram,

I like request you to watch my film first and then say anything about it.
The film is available with Magic Lantern.

Again I will repeat my point that all parties involved in this violent orgy
must pause and rethink. On one hand Gautam Navlakha says that to capture
political power through violent means is a legitimate way, and Mr
Chidambaram says that only the State has right to use violent means.
Arrested Maoist polit bureau member Sinha said that in this 'war' killings
are essential. Brutal methods for torture and death are being applied by the
State and the Maoists both.

You raise a toast after voilence committed by the Maoists. Likewise, the
forces are celebrating their 'victory'. It says something about these insane


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