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Hmmm. , that is the power of goon politics and the staying power of
political parties in managing the politics, no party is exception to this ,
degree of goons and the methods of suppressing dissent differs. ! You have a
manish teewary, Congress spokes person who as a panellist will not allow any
other panellist to express their views at all, with his partially paralysed
face representing the paralysed Congress, the anchors also do their bit by
allowing him to interfere in any panellists talking thus making the
interaction / debate on tv channels a farce of opinionated anchors and their
*f a wrong decision is taken by system and its leaders, the efforts to
suppress the mistake and cover up efforts make it worse in democratic life,
thus all political leaders along with anchors become laughing stocks for
viewers. !
On Sat, Jun 19, 2010 at 2:34 PM, Rakesh Iyer <rakesh.rnbdj at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi
> Today I am presenting here two articles, on the same story but written in
> two different papers. I myself don't know what the truth is. And this seems
> too much.
> Can anyone advise me on whom to trust?
> Rakesh
> Links:
> http://expressbuzz.com/cities/chennai/dmk-cadre-hijack-public-hearing/182808.html
> http://www.hindu.com/2010/06/19/stories/2010061961880300.htm
> Article Content:
> 1)
> DMK cadre hijack public hearing
>  CHENNAI: The public hearing on the Kondungaiyur dumpyard Solid Waste
> Management project on Friday was a complete sham as it was totally
> stage-managed by cadre of the ruling DMK.Of the 400 residents, who live
> around the dumpyard and were present to voice their opposition to the
> project, only four were allowed to speak. The moment Ramachandra Rao, one
> of
> the residents started expressing his opposition, the DMK cadre (the ‘Men in
> White’ who carried a postcard picture of Stalin in their shirts) hushed him
> up saying, “That is enough, stop it.”Mayor M Subramanian, who was also
> present, remained silent. When Naina Shah, an environmentalist, was
> expressing her opposition, the councillors belonging to the DMK and others
> screamed at her asking her to stop the ‘nonsense’ and snatched away the
> microphone from her. Mayor Subramanian’s reaction to her speech was no
> different. “You are doing a publicity stunt, and may be you want a contract
> of the project,” he said.For every opposition to the project, there were 10
> persons who spoke in support of the project. They consisted of local DMK
> cadre and others (who were seen complaining at the end of the hearing that
> they were not paid the promised Rs 100 and Biriyani packet) ferried from
> other corporation zones to talk positively about the project. The
> high-handed behaviour of the DMK cadre didn’t end with this.When
> Nagaratnam,
> a resident of Krishnamurthy Nagar and social activist, who was
> videographing
> the proceedings, asked the Mayor why the site was designated as an
> ‘institutional area’ instead of ‘dumpsite’ in the map, she was asked to
> leave and the video footage was forcibly taken by Rohit Kumar, Assistant
> Engineer of Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board, Kodungaiyur, at the behest
> of the DMK men.
> 2)
> *More people support waste management proposal * Staff Reporter * A section
> of public hearing participants wants the Corporation to shift the yard from
> Kodungaiyur *
> CHENNAI: A public hearing on the Chennai Corporation's proposal to set up
> an
> integrated solid waste management facility at its Kodungaiyur dump yard on
> Friday saw many participants supporting the project. Those against the
> proposal wanted the civic body to shift the yard elsewhere.
> Of 70 people who spoke at the public hearing, 60 were in favour of the
> proposal. A press release issued by the Corporation said that about 1,300
> people attended the meeting. Of them, 300 gave letters in support of the
> proposal while 10 opposed it in writing.
> Many residents around the dump yard, underscored the need for the
> integrated
> solid waste management facility to be implemented in a scientific manner.
> Job opportunities
> S. Chandran, a resident of Kodungaiyur, said the facility would not only
> provide solution to the long-pending problem of garbage disposal but also
> create job opportunities to people in north Chennai.
> A. Pandurangan, president of Kaviarasu Kannadasan Nagar Citizen Welfare
> Association, suggested that the Corporation implements zone-wise garbage
> segregation instead of dumping the entire load of garbage in Kodungaiyur.
> Some participants raised doubts about the quality of air and groundwater
> mentioned in the environmental impact assessment study. N.S. Ramachandra
> Rao, president of Ever Vigilant Citizen Welfare Association, said the air
> quality in the dumping yard was deteriorating.
> “We doubt whether the smoke or dust from the Kodungaiyur site will stop if
> the project is implemented,” he said.
> Among heated arguments made for and against the proposal, a group of people
> gheraoed the officials, alleging that they did not get an opportunity to
> voice their views at the meeting.
> Mayor M. Subramanian detailed the Corporation's initiatives to improve
> garbage collection and disposal. Nearly 1,800 metric tonnes of garbage is
> being dumped at Kodungaiyur every day. Of the 288 acres, about 100 acres
> would be used for the proposed project.
> A park would be developed in the remaining area.
> The State Environment Impact Assessment Authority has cleared the
> technology
> to be used for a similar project in Perungudi dump yard, he said.
> Corporation Commissioner Rajesh Lakhoni said the proposal would help in
> processing garbage received at the Kodungaiyur yard. While organic waste,
> which constituted 44 per cent of the garbage, could be sold, debris and
> small metals could be recycled.
> About 10-15 per cent of the waste that cannot be recycled would be sent for
> burning in cement kilns.
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