[Reader-list] New Online Journal of Poetry and things...

Janice Pariat janicepariat at gmail.com
Mon Jun 21 13:56:32 IST 2010

Hello everyone,

We've just launched an online journal at

"Pyrta" is a Khasi word for "call out".
It's also a journal of poetry and things.
a little bit local, mostly universal.

Check out www.pyrtajournal.com

Pyrta is seeking submissions for their Monsoon issue:

Poetry: broad range of quality work including traditional and free verse.
Photo Essays: broad range of themes and issues. it could be
provocative, hilarious, moving or just plain beautiful.
Prose: Short stories, book reviews, interviews, essays of 1500-2000 words.
Local: a space for something, anything from the place you live in. A
song, an overheard conversation, an old shop, your cigarette-wala's
love story. Accompanied, if necessary, by an image/mp3 file/video.

We're looking for fresh, new voices, insights, points of view,
worldviews, opinions...something small, something big. local.

Send submissions to pyrtasubmissions at gmail.com

Best wishes

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