[Reader-list] No Rizwanur type circus this time tho!

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Rukhwaanur is a successful TMC MLA. Off course an oppurtunity to the local headman to take lead ever since his bro's scrapegoating. He has been accused to Sexually abusing Priyanka Todi posing unwelcome gestures again and again and trying to marry her and enjoy her. What happened was suppressed because of high circles. One of the reasons Todi family got a bail out...................
Senisble people ignored that as want of time, they'll pose a blind eye this time too as "All Muslims are not" Not all, off course, not all. But what about these who are taking protection under minority-ekta garb?


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HISAR: A Muslim girl's Hindu husband, Alok Kushwaha, was found dead in
a local hotel on Friday after a few months of their controversial
marriage. The police are investigating the honour killing angle as the
father of the boy has suspected the involvement of the girl's father
Abdul Gaffar.

As per initial probe, Alok was attacked by a hammer-like instrument
and was strangled to death by a cable wire around his neck. On the
complaint of youth's father Chandeshwer, cops have registered a case
of murder and conspiracy, but the names of suspects have not been
mentioned in the category of accused.

A resident of Bihar, Alok (28), and Jaipur resident Rubina had eloped
and married on November 15 last year. Sources said Rubina's parents
lodged a complaint in Jaipur against Alok. The couple was staying in
Hisar but away from Alok's father, an employee in a factory. Alok was
working as a computer operator in a school. Sources said police were
inquiring role of a youth, Anurag Sharma, who had been calling Alok
for the last 15 days offering him a job in his computer centre.
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