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Dear Jeebesh
Did Kalmadi use the word "bakshish"?
I do think that being rewarded for a 'win' and the issue of reasonable remuneration (and/or match fees) are two separate matters.
I also think it is stupid to reward the players just because it was a win against Pakistan. If that indeed was the reason.  Hopefully the players will be similarly rewarded for every match they win.

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Suresh Kalmadi on TV phone talk with an news anchor after the opening  
world cup hockey match win of the Indian team, said that he is happy  
and will give a "bakshish" of 1 lakh rupees to each player.

This reveals why the hockey team earlier had to go on a strike to  
argue for stable salaries. They asked for a stable payment of 1 crore  
for the full team for salaries. But Mr. Management could not  
understand it, TV channels could not understand it!!

The sports managements here only understand wins and then bakshish.  
Nothing else.

For commonwealth games this same management is handling a few thousand  


Happy Holi.


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