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Rather unfair ....I think it actually fits Sagarika's attitude.

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> Dear All,
> Apropos of the recent small flurry of TV news, and specifically Arnab
> Goswami related posts on the list - here is something that I enjoyed
> reading enormously, and so, thought that I would pass along to the
> rest of the list - it was posted on a blog called www.rollon.in on
> the 19th of December, 2009.
> Enjoy,
> Shuddha
> --------------------
> Arnab Goswami Allows Interviewee to Answer
> http://www.rollon.in/2009/12/19/arnab-goswami-allows-interviewee-to-
> answer/
> In an unprecedented event earlier this evening, Arnab Goswami, the
> Editor-In-Chief for Times Now, stayed silent for a full 5 seconds
> during News Hour, allowing his guests to speak, and sending the TRP
> ratings for the channel soaring through the roof. This shocking
> moment occurred while the usually chirpy Arnab was interviewing an
> expert panel of celebrities, regarding Borivali’s recent demand for
> statehood.
> The news has been received with varied reactions from all over.
> Rajdeep Sardesai, from a competing news channel, said he’d like to
> maintain a dignified silence regarding this development, right after
> pointing out that the gimmick was ‘too low even by Arnab’s dwarfish
> standards’. Mahesh Bhatt called in earlier today from his mobile home
> parked permanently outside the offices of 24×7, saying that the news
> was provocative, communal and biased. He further demanded that the
> censor board be banned for this. When pointed out that the Censor
> Board had no role to play in this incident, he said that it was
> beside the point, and the censor board should be banned regardless.
> Throughout the telecon, Suhel Seth, seated beside Mr. Bhatt, kept
> shouting obsceneties. When asked to comment, he said that he was
> infuriated with the situation for no particular reason and threatened
> to go without a hair cut for a further six months.
> The most candid response came from the expert panel itself.
> Apparently, they were flabbergasted that Arnab betrayed their trust
> on national television. As usual before News Hour, the panel had been
> briefed that absolutely no answers would be required from them
> throughout the program, since Arnab will keep questioning without
> pauses; their role was restricted to trying to fit in as many
> interjections and conjunctions (Whoa!, But, Ah!) in between to give
> the illusion of them actually having something to say. So, fifteen
> minutes into the program, Ms. Ameesha Patel was understandably
> embarrassed when she found herself forced to sing ‘Yeahhh lazy lazy
> lamhe…’ to Arnab’s question on her opinion on a federal government
> structure.
> On the other side of the border, Pakistan Interior Minister, Mr.
> Rehman Malik, noted that this was a difficult time for Pakistan, and
> urged the citizens to be brave and help the nation to collective
> overcome these forces of evil. When reminded that it was the Times
> Now incident and not another bomb blast for which his reaction was
> being sought, he noted that this was a difficult time for Pakistan,
> and urged the citizens to be brave and help the nation to collective
> overcome the forces of evil.
> Arnab himself chose to downplay the incident, pointing out that the
> magnitude of the incident had been blown out of proportions by the
> media. ‘I remember being silent for a full 6 seconds back in 1985
> while honing my interviewing skills on my pet dog. That being said, I
> know that the people of India are dying for an answer. So, you can
> join us today on News Hour to find out WHY ARNAB PAUSED,’ said Arnab
> with his trademark authoritative voice, while leaning over the desk
> on one arm.
> Note: All of this is obviously untrue. Arnab didn’t pause.
> Shuddhabrata Sengupta
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