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Thu Mar 11 02:19:26 IST 2010

i forgot iran but its definitely there, but those links are more explicit:
there is a border with iran! and a baluchi population on either side which
is sunni...
i hope you dont think it is a random list. I dont have to go by what is said
on tv or in the papers, kk. and so i would be skeptical of the ttp-india
link if someone is mouthing it on tv. but think pipelinistan (and everone's
got their own map of pipes) , think central asia, and china, saudi influence
in the region, and china & russia hovering, uzbekistan having kickbed out
the americans, bbc and rfe ...the stakes get higher and people get
meddlesome. I have said nothing about india. its very common for ministers &
officials  to point to raw like you do to isi. i am sure its all true__ :)
soon we'll have a pipline running from iran to india via pk :)


On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 2:49 PM, Kshmendra Kaul <kshmendra2005 at yahoo.com>wrote:

>  Dear Yasir
> Not 'writing from across the border'. So no 'border-glasses'. On the
> contrary, mine might be broader-glasses.
> I would like to believe that I have greater objectivity regarding both
> Pakistan and India as compared to most who are living in either country.
> This comment of yours was interesting - " foreign entities and money incl
> china, russia, US, saudi, india, are all stoking the fires to thwart each
> others' regional agendas in the border regions of baluchistan and nwfp/fata"
> Have heard that mouthed very often in/on Pakistani Media. You forgot to
> mention Iran (especially wrt Balochistan).
> These days one often hears Pakistanis claiming that TTP ( Tehrik-i-Taliban
> Pakistan) is borne/reared/nurtured/promoted/financed by India.
> Kshmendra
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> 1. Hamid Gul is a cold warrior, with an islamist pov. always interesting to
> hear. yet he and his views have been marginalized in pk. let us us say it
> is
> the end of the zia era.
> 2. pk and afg are very different entities. while taliban are making a quiet
> come back in afg, even they themselves are not supporting the pk-taliban as
> this would sour their relations with pk. besides the pk-talibs are either
> being massacred or disappearing to resurface at some point later, the
> moment
> in northwest-pk. so this can be dicey for that region only ie fata. there
> is
> no such problem for the rest of the country. foreign entities and money
> incl
> china, russia, US, saudi, india, are all stoking the fires to thwart each
> others' regional agendas in the border regions of baluchistan and nwfp/fata
> - a fact of life at the moment. but the country seems to have regained some
> agency of itself with upsurge in popular sentiment and pressure on govt
> since the lawyers movement and the last elections. a good point for
> negotiations with india for instance, to streamline our own common regional
> agendas, which are overdue since at least partition, actually much
> before...
> 3. pk-taliban or their views, in fact islamist views are definitely on the
> margin in pk at the moment. so i totally disagree with KK (who is writing
> fron across the border wearing border-glasses), and agree with pawan, that
> the common enemy are the islamists in afg/pk/and hardly so (ie totally
> overblown) in india, where too, just like us, they love to make a circus
> out
> of it. lets hope the common bonds are stronger than the hate, of which
> there
> has been enough.
> best, y
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