[Reader-list] Taliban is the future

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A first step for considering any kind of 'secularity' in Pakistan would be:
- when Pakistan removes the word "Islamic" from its Constitution (and attendant clauses on Legislation and Laws)
- when Pakistan opts out of the membership of the OIC
Till such time, talking about anything secular about Pakistan are intellectual exercises; indulgences.

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> The proliferation of ‘jihad’ in mainland Pakistan is but
> the opportunity cost of strategy.

she is arguing that jihad and religion is instrumental for mainstream pk.
and is skeptical of the claim either way for the military command as well.
further by saying "a similar claim might not be made for society at large",
she actually sez nothing about pakistani society at large, having only
removed the certainty of a two-mode religious v secular military. best, y.

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> The military’s ideology
> By Ayesha Siddiqa
> Friday, 25 Sep, 2009
> PAKISTAN observers often wonder what the Pakistan military’s primary
> ideology is. Is it a secular institution or one which is high on religious
> values? Since the military is considered the strongest institution of the
> Pakistani state, the question becomes c
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