[Reader-list] Fwd: Feel free, Mr. Husain. Go paint Qatari leaders

Rakesh Iyer rakesh.rnbdj at gmail.com
Thu Mar 11 23:41:19 IST 2010

As I said, nobody is secular in this country. What all people, particularly
political parties do, is to show their side of secularism, and hence they
are pseudo-secularists. And such pseudo-secularists will keep playing
politics when it suits them. Be it the Delhi pogrom (1984), Bhagalpur pogrom
(1989), Babri Masjid demolition and riots (1992), Gujarat pogrom (2002),
Karnataka-Orissa violence (2008) or the complete destruction of the ideas of
liberty and freedom, they will do it for some sect or the other.

I remember that Anupam used the word Renaissance in one of his mails. If
really we need Renaissance in this country, the first objective is to burn
these pseudo-secularists in public after telling them to either stop being
politicians and ruling the country, or get burnt themselves. After all, I
have no objections with ordinary citizens being fools of the millennium, but
I am against leaders who have no sense and understanding acting to beat the
citizens in achieving the coveted position.


While other Islamic nations were removing the Triple Talaq, our Muslims
became the benefactors of the Muslim Personal Law passed in the Parliament.
And yes of course, with the BJP-led NDA coming to power, I had the privilege
of studying a social science curriculum about which the less said the
better. Not to forget, a pogrom also took place in 2002 for which the chief
minister of the state in concern was heard quoting Newton's third law for
explanation. Wonder if his death by a terrorist would mean that law being
proven again or an exception to the law.

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