[Reader-list] LING MEANING

Bipin Trivedi aliens at dataone.in
Sat Mar 13 17:08:31 IST 2010

Dear All,


I appreciate the lot of search work by Pawan and Shuddha on the meaning of
Ling, (yes I prefer to spell it Ling only and not Linga in traditional Hindu
pronunciation way. Similarly Ram and not Rama, Shiv and not Shiva, Ravan and
not Ravana) but I think as far as individual's faith is concern it's of no
use. Looking to synonyms on any word, there can be multiple meaning of
single words in any language and so the Ling has also. But, important is to
pick the right meaning of the word keeping in mind the sentence used in what
context or surroundings.


Important is individual's faith and they will go with their faith only
irrespective of meaning of the word 'Ling' anyone tried to convince. When
faith is involved, the meaning is immaterial and Ling can be consider as
symbol of Shiv only.





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