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Dear Bipin Jee,
                 You have made the things very simple and I fully agree with it. Really faith does not have any scientific reasoning or logic.Those who believe would take meaning of LING as God Shiv and those who don't will see it as Phallus.Having different meanings doen't affect the persons who interpret in thier own ways.
The discussion, in any case has broadened our knowledge. Those who worship Sun or Moon don't get affected by knowing the true nature of these celestial bodies. They would continue to worship these as it is a question of faith.'Chand sa Mukhra' in poetic ways continues to be 'Chand sa Mukhra' in spite of knowing that there are craters in the moon and its surface is not lovely at all.


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> Dear All,
> I appreciate the lot of search work by Pawan and Shuddha on
> the meaning of
> Ling, (yes I prefer to spell it Ling only and not Linga in
> traditional Hindu
> pronunciation way. Similarly Ram and not Rama, Shiv and not
> Shiva, Ravan and
> not Ravana) but I think as far as individual's faith is
> concern it's of no
> use. Looking to synonyms on any word, there can be multiple
> meaning of
> single words in any language and so the Ling has also. But,
> important is to
> pick the right meaning of the word keeping in mind the
> sentence used in what
> context or surroundings.
> Important is individual's faith and they will go with their
> faith only
> irrespective of meaning of the word 'Ling' anyone tried to
> convince. When
> faith is involved, the meaning is immaterial and Ling can
> be consider as
> symbol of Shiv only.
> Thanks
> Bipin
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