[Reader-list] PSYCHIC HUSAIN

Bipin Trivedi aliens at dataone.in
Sun Mar 14 16:32:55 IST 2010

My view on MF Husain issue.


Human being grown from there ancestor from beginning of human life or say
Adam & Eve from nude stage to today's cultured society. We have accepted
some code of conduct to live in modern, well cultured and descent society,
where we do not roam in the nude position as our ancestor does. To maintain
this code, we have several laws against vulgarity. Even today in most modern
internet era, we have applied code of conduct against porn sites. If someone
capture nude photography has to phase consequences. So, I also believe that
in the name of modern art, one cannot do/paint what they want to and they
are also liable to obey certain society decency code. In our Indian society
where people have ampoule of faith in variety of gods, one must keep in this
mind while doing something against their faith. 


In society, we have to keep in mind all the people in all the religion which
includes people with extreme religious in nature unlike all of us who we
arguing here. No two persons are similar in nature, so you may think how
much varieties are there in human nature. Argument is made that in the name
of modern art, one must have right to paint anything in democracy and
viewers have full right to see or not. But, whether it is viewable or not
one has to see it once may be with his family and children then only one can
decide about its stature. So, those extreme religious in nature has full
right to oppose it may be by way of court cases. One must face the court
cases instead of escapism. If anyone wants freedom for its acts must ready
to face consequences.


Husain has accepted Qatar citizenship for his own interest, since he got
painting contract of Arabian culture from local govt. authorities and
decided willingly to stay there for his own financial interest. However
earlier through back door, he has begged and requested Indian govt. to
withdraw court cases, which is not at all possible since govt. can't do
anything. Thanks judiciary are independent here else what would have
happened can be judged. 


I remember that Husain has written a letter to N. Ram, editor The Hindu. One
sentence was like this, "Qatar govt. has respected me by giving Qatar
citizenship and honors me that way and if Indian govt. wants to arrest me
then they can do so". Just like Dawood Ebrahim, who on earlier days fled to
Dubai and then tell the Indian govt. to arrest him. Husain must show guts to
face the consequences instead of escapism. If he would have faced the court
cases gracefully then he would be more respectable and may be forgiven by


Everyone knows that he was after so many actresses (not actors) only like
Meena Kumari, Mumtaz, Smita Patil, Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit. His one
painting of Madhuri was describing that one ox (madmast sandh) with naked
Madhuri in vulgar pose. This shows his dirty mind and psychic nature. If
anyone describes this as modern art, than feel sorry for his/her thought.
Madhuri showed her decency and keep mum else would be in big trouble earlier


He is now in Qatar and even if he just speak (not actually paint) to show
will to make nude paint of someone living there like he did in case of
Madhuri or nude paint of their god, I doubt he will remain alive even. 




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