[Reader-list] Gujarat DCP shoots Muslim inspector twice in mock anti-terror drill

Javed javedmasoo at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 17:45:26 IST 2010

Dear Pawan
I neither invented this title nor compared different news versions of
this before posting. I had simply forwarded that message from a
mailing list where this was the exact title - you can see on this


I am sorry if my posting has hurt you in any way. But to make the
matters worse for you, let me quote another posting on this accidental
shooting by a "Muslim":

"Khandwawala is reportedly a Modi man selected to be used for
coverups.  Nothing is likely to comeout of the departmental enquiry.
It is very serious matter and warrants a trasparent enquiry by a
creditable independent agency.  DCP Subhash Trivedi must be thoroughly
in vestigated with all the modern techniques including those that the
Police use to extract confessions.  Plnners of the mock-drill, CCTV
cameras, statements of witnesses, p before they are turoredIt is not a
small matter that a DCP who is supposed to act like a doctor and not
supposed to carry any weapons, carries a loaded revolver and breaches
a meticulously planned drill, grapples with an observer!!!  HOW?
HOW?HOW?  Small wonder if DCP Subhash Trivedi takes a plea of
insanity, he should be tried for murder by a fast-track court and
hanged without any delay."

By: ghouse quadri <majorquadri at ...>

On 3/15/10, Pawan Durani <pawan.durani at gmail.com> wrote:
> And what a convenient subject line made aptly for Sarai . This is how
> 'Liberals' are used by Javed and others.
> On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 3:20 PM, Javed <javedmasoo at gmail.com> wrote:
>> ‘Sir, don’t... I am not a terrorist,’ pleaded ATS inspector as DCP
>> shot him twice
>> Even Muslim police officers are not safe from fake encounters....
>> Surat: Posted: Sunday , Mar 14, 2010 at 0319 hrs
>> “Sir, don’t... I am not a terrorist.”
>> This is what Gujarat Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) inspector Shabbirali
>> Saiyed says he had shouted, just before Deputy Commissioner of Police
>> Subhash Trivedi shot him twice in the abdomen from point blank range
>> during the mock anti-terror drill that went haywire at the Surat
>> Airport on February 24.
>> Saiyed still cannot comprehend how and why he was shot by the senior
>> officer. No officer was supposed to carry or use live arms and
>> ammunition. That apart, Saiyed told The Sunday Express that the entire
>> drill had been meticulously planned, including the exact role each cop
>> would play. “All the officials in the drill had been briefed
>> thoroughly about the role of each. I was to be only an observer tasked
>> to find out what mistakes the commandos and other officials commit
>> during rescue operations.”
>> DCP Subhash Trivedi, SP Barot of ATS and a few other officers were
>> tasked to act as doctors and rush to a bus in the parking lot of the
>> airport in which some officials acting as terrorists were holding
>> ‘passengers’ hostage.
>> Saiyed recalled: “Subhash Trivedi rushed to the bus and caught hold of
>> me tightly, though I was supposed to be only an obeserver. I pleaded,
>> “Sir , don’t... I am not a terrorist, I am the observer.” But he
>> refused to let go of me and we had a scuffle. I was left struggling to
>> get out of his clutches when he pulled out his service revolver and
>> opened fire, from point blank range. I fell and lost consciousness.”
>> The .38 calibre bullet entered through his stomach and exited. Saiyed
>> is still to recover but is now out of danger.
>> Interestingly, the DCP, according to Saiyed, was not even tasked to
>> take on or grapple with any ‘terrorist’ in the drill, since he was
>> acting as a member of a team of ‘doctors’ at the spot who would only
>> recce the scene to find out how many hostages and terrorists were in
>> the bus. “He was to have only ascertained their numbers to pass on the
>> information to the others in the actual rescue team, so that they
>> could plan and execute the operation,” according to Inspector Saiyed.
>> Surat police Commisioner Shivanand Jha confirmed it. “Saiyed was
>> deputed as an observer on the spot. He was standing near the entry
>> door of bus. DCP Subhash Trivedi was tasked to act as a doctor to
>> recce the scene and find out how many hostages were being held by how
>> many terrorists, and the weapons they possessed.” The ‘doctor’,
>> apparently, was not expected to carry any weapon, much less a loaded
>> service revolver.
>> So what went horribly wrong? The police claim they have no answers to
>> share, yet. “We are still doing a free and fair investigation. At this
>> moment it is difficult to come to any conclusion. We have taken the
>> statements of several airport staff who were also present there and
>> statements of several police officials who witnessed the incident,”
>> Jha said.
>> When The Sunday Express contacted Trivedi, he refused to comment.
>> The investigation is being headed by Jha’s deputy and ATS chief Ajay
>> Tomar. A complaint was registered at Umra police station soon after
>> Saiyed was shot while state DGP S S Khandwawala directed Tomar to
>> carry out a departmental inquiry.
>> “After preliminary investigations, we have found that the incident was
>> an accident and the firing had not been done deliberately. But we are
>> waiting for the final report and the report from ballistic experts
>> before coming to any conclusion,” said Khandwawala. Asked if an FIR
>> would be registered against DCP Trivedi, Khandwawala said: “Let the
>> report come and later, on its basis, we will take further action. Both
>> the officials are from police department _ they are not some criminals
>> _ so it is premature to say anything at this juncture.”
>> http://www.indianexpress.com/news/sir-dont...-i-am-not-a-terrorist-pleaded-ats-inspector-as-dcp-shot-him-twice/590554/0
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