[Reader-list] Gujarat DCP shoots Muslim inspector twice in mock anti-terror drill

Rakesh Iyer rakesh.rnbdj at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 21:47:41 IST 2010

I really wonder what is the idea of all this fight: is this to turn this
forum into a joke or what?

Some very generalized statements have been made here, like the intentions of
a person being discovered and made public, to the idea that Gujarat police
is entirely corrupt and communal. I would seriously request the members of
this forum not to make unsubstantiated allegations of such kind, and also
please protest but with not animosity as being witnessed in this. This only
generates heat without leading to any light, as one of my friends recently
said to me.

It also shames me here that the entire issue has lost its' sole focus, which
should have been to debate the incident and as to why it has taken place. It
is certainly in a long list of incidents for which Gujarat has been in the
news (for wrong reasons mostly). And such incidents can't be a matter of
respect. However, making such statements or attributing motives without an
inquiry is something which should be condemned. If anybody wishes to
attribute such a motive, please go ahead with facts and logical
interpretations. After all, even Modi was condemned based on facts only, not
on arbitrary assumptions.

In that regard, the conduct of the inspector can be definitely questioned.
But to attribute that to only a communal motive may not be necessarily true.
It could be a money angle. It could be a mistake. So let's wait for the
inquiry. Or you can turn into an investigative journalist, gather facts
based on the past and the incident itself, and the present, and then put
those facts here. They would be certainly appreciated.


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