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Bipin Trivedi aliens at dataone.in
Wed Mar 17 12:59:19 IST 2010


b=0&j=NjkwODkwMzkS1&mt=1&rt=0> http://www.greenpeace.org/india/nuclear-bill


The petition says: "India must hold a public consultation before changing
the liability rules for any nuclear accidents caused by U.S. corporations."

In case of an accident at Indian nuclear plants, U.S. companies would get
away by paying a small amount, and Indian tax payers would bear the bulk of
the expenses involved. Imagine if this law passes, then we face a disaster
even worse than Bhopal.

As The Times of India reports:

"Isolated over the civil nuclear liability bill, the government was forced
to back off in the Lok Sabha on Monday when it decided to defer introducing
the legislation in the face of spirited opposition..." [1] 
The victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy are still struggling to get their due
25 years later. In spite of this, the government is pushing for this
ridiculous bill which violates our right to life. We cannot allow American
companies to reap benefits without any responsibility. Sign the petition now
to tell the PM what you want: 

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