[Reader-list] Jammu and Kashmir government to rehabilitate stone pelters

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Victory at last? For the govt.? In West Bengal it makes sense, let time tell what in J&K.........
We say it is 'buying'.

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Highlights : Stone pelter's to get Government jobs or given money and
land for setting up self-income generating units


The Jammu and Kashmir government will frame a policy to rehabilitate
stone pelters in the valley.
According to official sources, the policy seeks to provide employment
opportunities to the youth.
Chief Minister Omar Abdullah also confirmed that such a policy was in
the offing when he told the state assembly late Wednesday that stone
pelters were "our boys" and they would be rehabilitated.
He also promised that they would be released and handed over to their
parents and elders of their locality who have assured the local police
that, in future, they would not indulge in such acts.
Official sources disclosed that they would be absorbed in government
jobs or given money and land for setting up self-income generating
units, like kiosks in Srinagar and elsewhere in the valley.
Stone pelters have become a persistent headache for the government as
they have disrupted day-to-day life in the valley and have projected
Kashmir as a land of stone throwers. Some of them were booked under
the Public Safety Act, a strict law that enables the police to arrest
a person and keep him in jail without any trial for a year.
Last month, an 11-day-old infant died in his mother's lap when stone
pelters targeted the car in which the family was travelling in
Kashmir's Baramullah town.
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