[Reader-list] Gujarat DCP shoots Muslim inspector twice in mockanti-terror drill

Kshmendra Kaul kshmendra2005 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 20 18:41:56 IST 2010

Dear Anupam
In this response of yours, why did you not reproduce my mail which you were responding to? 
It is reproduced by me down below your response.
In you last 36 mails (20 in Feb '10 + 16 in Mar '10) every single time, without fail, you have, alongwith your response, reproduced the mail you were responding to. Why not this time?
It is because Anupam you did not have the moral or ethical courage to admit that you were in error when you accused me of ........ "a tirade ...... like how you are acting with Dan Hussain..."
My last mail wasnt a "query" from me. It was a polite reminder to you that you had mis-stated and mis-represented what I had written.
Ahhh!!!!! And Yes!!!!      Dont you you think it is mighty hypocritical of you to ask me a series of questions (brain froths) after having, at the very outset informed me .......    " I am not really interested in answering to your query Kshmendra." 

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I am not really interested in answering to your query Kshmendra. so
you have a good night. i have said what i had to. you will eat your
own words like you do every time. so nothing really new here. Thank
you very much i do not need patrons here labeling me as sane or
insane. if i am insane, it is after reading the trash that not just
you kshmendra but a significant lobby of people have been doing so in
the name of protection of culture. in the name of identity formation,
in the name of religion, religiosity, in the name of development. this
is clearly the fascism of democratic ideals. i am chained by them,
that's why the only form of expression is this cynical approach
towards what you call good. i have to counter everything including the
here to promote some good boy image of mine or do you think this is
marriage portal, some adult friend finder group? do you think truth is
good? do you know if there is anything called truth? is sanity defined
by you? can you answer any of these questions? or would just leave it
at that -- saying thought provoking stuff you tell anupam,... which
thought did i ever provoke in you?

--- On Thu, 3/18/10, Kshmendra Kaul <kshmendra2005 at yahoo.com> wrote:

Dear Anupam
You wrote : " will you approach moderators or launch a tirade against me like how you are acting with Dan Hussain and Javed?"
Javed? Yes! Dan Hussain? No!
Will you please tell me where I have addressed Dan Hussain or mentioned Dan Hussain or commented upon anything that Dan Hussain wrote? 
And that is exactly where you go with some of your responses Anupam; NOWHERE.
What does that tell us about you?
That you do not read what you think you are responding to OR that you do not read what you yourself write OR that you are so consumed by bias, prejudice and pre-judgements about people and issues that your brain froths and you get all muddled up. 
That is sad since when you are sane, you do write thought-provoking mails.

anupam chakravartty c.anupam at gmail.com 
Mon Mar 15 19:19:02 IST 2010 
"Dont bother to answer if you are intent on giving some convoluted
justification of your own."

Instead of probing other's intention on this reader's list, you may
look into you own intentions of writing such things Kshmendra. Who are
you to tell me not to answer? say i answer in the most convoluted way,
what will you do? have you been able to something better than reacting
or answering in the most rotten way for such a long time? will you
approach moderators or launch a tirade against me like how you are
acting with Dan Hussain and Javed? that official who was shot was a
muslim. there are no two versions about it. so kindly, hold your
horses before you launch a personal tirade against each other. that
man Saiyyad, who was shot is alive. lets wait for the probe. and if u
cannot encourage a healthy debate here, then form your own reader's
lists. why peddle this hatred into this mailing list on every



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