[Reader-list] Gujarat DCP shoots Muslim inspector twice in mockanti-terror drill

Rakesh Iyer rakesh.rnbdj at gmail.com
Sat Mar 20 19:04:31 IST 2010

Dear Kshamendra

Questioning is not unethical. But the way you two are fighting over issues
completely side-steps the issue. Instead, we are now involved in a personal
no-holds-barred verbal sparring, which benefits no one, be it Anupam,
Kshamendra, or anyone else (myself included).

Let us not do all this. As Yasir said, let's come back and restrict
ourselves to such issues.

And by the way, neither are you nor Anupam jee in any position of authority
(from the point of view of this article)that your mis-statements or
mis-representations may really matter. If you are indeed so and are doing
mis-representations or making false statements, your questioning would
indeed serve a very helpful purpose (which again should be for both
punishment and reform of the authority-holding person). Otherwise such
questioning should be done with the intention of 'reforming' the person, not
putting him/her in a corner, for doing so never changes the person but makes
him/her more stubborn on his/her point.


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