Rakesh Iyer rakesh.rnbdj at gmail.com
Sun Mar 21 00:35:53 IST 2010

Dear Malik

My views:

1) I would like to clarify here about one point you made that I may feel
that Lalu is a better CM than Nitish. I don't agree on it one bit. Lalu
Yadav made a mess of Bihar in ways which only he could have done. And I do
agree that Nitish has brought a change in Bihar. But to believe that Nitish
is doing wonders is a farcical argument.

2) The common man won't perceive anything different from the statistics I
put up, contrary to what you may believe. The problem with most newspapers
and famous magazines and site links (from where most of the people on this
forum seem to post articles) is that they think that the middle class
working person is the aam aadmi. That is not the aam aadmi I refer to,
although the person is as human as the poor who I refer to as the aam aadmi.

And when there is development, people feel it. It's not like something
invisible like a ghost, which people can't understand.

And hence, you should have taken some time going through the statistics
rather than just writing a mail in haste. (My request or suggestion,
depending on how you take it)

3) Many people admonish the Lalu regime for many reasons. What people
however forget was the one decisive thing which Lalu gave to the backwards
and the oppressed castes, be it Dalits, Musahars or even tribals: sense of
dignity. Lalu meant dignity for them. He managed to win elections because
they knew that an upper caste ruling the state would mean upper castes
raping their women and destroying their dignity. Lalu rule brought that down
to a degree. Add to that the sense of protection he gave to Muslims, and you
get to understand why he was considered invincible.

Ironically, Lalu lost because of himself. Once he allowed this measure of
dignity the oppressed castes wanted development (which meant better
education and health services). Instead he promoted corruption and
deterioration of law and order.

Most importantly, an upper caste CM candidate from the opposition would have
brought Lalu again. But Nitish Kumar is from a backward caste, which is why
the other oppressed castes thought that he would ensure their sense of
dignity remains.

However, figures prove otherwise. Infact, the cases on domestic violence and
violence against women in general have increased under Nitish rule, whereas
under Lalu, it was the kidnapping industry which was much more in the news.

Please read another issue on law and order here, on this link.


I have a request again for all here on forum of Sarai. Instead of making
generalized useless statements, let's come out with facts and then debate.
And if you are instead only harping on your idea being right without facts
to support you, then please, don't expect me to believe you (howsoever much
others may be impressed with your jargon of words)


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