[Reader-list] Gujarat Muslims register highest literacy rate

Rakesh Iyer rakesh.rnbdj at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 18:48:42 IST 2010

Dear Pawan

While I knew this before also, it is certainly good to remember this fact
keeping in mind the worse situation of Muslims in states like West Bengals
run by the Left. At the same time, stereotyping of Muslims is also done by
parties like the BJP and their cohorts (the VHP, the Bajrang Dal and the
RSS) and also by the so-called secularists (Congress, RJD, SP, BSP, Left
etc.) both with the intention of securing Hindu and Muslim en-bloc votes

It would be certainly better if such parties concentrated on winning
elections by showing their development work rather than dividing society
along communal lines. And if they do so, they should be given a shocking
defeat for having tried to do so. That has been a failure in 1984 and 2002.

Narendra Modi may or may not be credited for anything, but he can be
credited for one big thing: Muslims before 2002 may have not realized the
importance of vote, but due to the pogrom, they have definitely realized the
importance of voting.


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