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Dear Rakesh,


It was overloading of wagon was legalized in Lalu regime and before that
this activity was going on illegally in some section. But, that was during
Nitishkumar time official trial taking was started and studied in detailed
for impact of overloading on track for quite a long time and then it was
made legally during Lalu regime.


In the initial tenure of Modi, no one has given credit to him. He somewhat
started getting credit after about 2005/2006 only where he achieved started
making profit of many Govt. PSU including GEB, while almost all the PSU's
were making heavy losses earlier and this was noticed by all the leading
newspaper/magazines. Same way, there after he was got noticed his
achievement in many criteria which was described earlier also.  So, when he
took CM post in 2002 no one has given him credit at that time whatever good
going on Gujarat at that time by way of coincidence even. Modi has no bad
track record of governance what Lalu did for 20 years in Bihar.






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Dear Bipin

Since you stated those points, let me further address those issues one by

1) On the issue of reservations, I am at a total loss. The reason is that
the issue has not been understood at all by many people. I will put across
my own views on reservation later, but I don't know whether it benefits
people or it is harmful. Hence, I will not comment. But I feel that being a
controversial issue, other affirmative actions must be used to help
students. In this regard, scholarships are a good step, and they must be
used to help all those who are economically backward. In case someone's
social background acts as a handicap (say being a Muslim or SC), then
scholarships can be used there also. 

2) I do agree with you that overloading was being done on a trial basis
before Lalu came, but overloading was mostly illegal. It was being done
illegally through connivance of railway officials for filling their own
pockets. Lalu made it legal and ensured that the money instead of filling
the pockets of officers was entering the revenues of the Railways.
Unfortunately for him, overloading still continued. 

However, I can't say that he became the minister at an opportune moment. The
move was introduced in 2005 after Bihar elections, going by the link:


And anyways, it seems ironical that while Lalu implementing something is a
case of being opportune, Modi implementing something or enjoying fruits of
Gujarat economy in his initial years is not a case of being opportune. 

3) I was commenting on the title of the subject. But since you were
referring to Bihar, thank you. Yes, the law and order has improved in the
cities. But to say it has done for the poor may not be the right assessment.
The no. of cases registered as 'atrocities against Dalits' has gone up. So
has the no. of cases on 'domestic violence against women'. 


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