[Reader-list] Needed: Info on training/courses in health/health care

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Wed Mar 24 18:54:43 IST 2010

Dear Chandni,
Could you pass this on to your contacts?

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From: Elita A <almeidaelita at gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Mar 24, 2010 
Subject: HELP -- Info on training/courses in health/health care

Dear Sana,

This is with reference to our telephonic conversation this evening. I
am a student of social worker currently placed at Prayas for
concurrent fieldwork.

Prayas is a field action project of the Centre for Criminology and
Justice of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences; working towards
rehabilitation of youth and women vulnerable to crime and/or sexual
exploitation as well as destitutes residing in the community or State
shelter homes. The intervention conducted by Prayas concentrates on
social work services within the Criminal Justice System.  Ever since
its inception in February 1990, Prayas, which started services at the
women and men youth sections of the Mumbai Central Prison, and over
the last 20 years, has expanded its reach to a wide range of
vulnerable persons who are custodialised in pre-penal, penal and
protective custody.

In an effort to rehabilitate the clients Prayas facilitates various
vocational training and apprenticeship programs for its clients.
We are currently in the process of creating a database of
trainings/certificate/short term courses offered in the area of
health/healthcare that could be taken up by its clients. The aim is to
enable clients to be absorbed by the health care system as health care
workers. For this purpose any information regarding any such
training/courses would be appreciated. It should be noted that most
clients have not been able to have access to the formal educational
system per se. Consequently the medium of instruction would preferably
be Hindi or Marathi.

Thanking you,
Elita Almeida (Student Social Worker - MSW II, S.N.D.T. Women's
University, Churchgate)


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