[Reader-list] Help find a good school in Mumbai for child with borderline dyslexia

subhrodip sengupta sub_sengupta at yahoo.co.in
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Are 'good' schools in Mumbai turning their backs to the Dyslexic? I think the envoirnment factor, how much the teachers ponder on students, how frequently they meet family members matter, and the envoirnment factor, 'discipline'
the child may have problems with excess of discipline matters. If all is well, all parents need is to find a special educator(not a counsellor) and mediate the issues with finding of teachers. I guess then the child could get practical guidelines on framing short answers, developing core concepts etc. The willingness of the school authorities and teachers to devote time to the student is the key. I dont think borderline or even moderate cases need Special trainers in schools, or special schools. That would make them more apprehensive towards society in general, wheas many suffer from cognitive difficulties at one stage or the other.
One way out is to locate the Principals and to start early so that these guys are not too busy.

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Hello friends

I just received a mail from a teacher of mine whose cousin's son has
borderline dyslexia. The child lives in Mumbai, and feels miserable at his
current school. He is hardworking and and very sincere and needs to be in a
place that will nurture his latent talents and creativity in a way that
would enhance his confidence.

The child's parents would appreciate any suggestions you can offer to help
them find a good school.


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