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From: Vasudha Dhingra

International Conference on Multiculturalism and
Global Community
24-27 July 2010
Tehran, Iran

Culture: Diversity or Integrity

1. Multiculturalism and Global Peace
2. Asia: Diversity or Unity in Cultures
3. Intercultural Dialogue: Approaches and Outcomes
4. Media, Communication and Common Good
5. Globalization, Religion and Common Good

Islam: New Challenges, New Perspectives

1. Islam and the Crisis of Modern Man
2. Islam and Other Faiths: Truth or Salvation
3. Islam and Woman: Rights and Commitments
4. Islam: Traditionalism or Modernism
5. Islam and Revivalism: Needs and Necessities
6. Islam: Spirituality, Morality and Jurisprudence

Iran: Realities and Appearances

1. Iran, Religious State and International Challenges
2. Iran and the Middle East
3. Iran and New Generation: Gap or Conflict
4. Iran and International Society: Contraction or
5. Cultures and Religions in Iran: Heterogeneous
or Homogeneous Society

The deadline for submission of abstracts is April
10th. Abstracts must be submitted via email to:
conference at mcgc.ir

Enquiries: conference at mcgc.ir
Web address: http://www.mcgc.ir

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