[Reader-list] 97% of human rights violation complaints in Jammu and Kashmir are false

Pawan Durani pawan.durani at gmail.com
Wed Mar 31 23:39:22 IST 2010


New Delhi: Over 97% of complaints of human rights excesses received
against the Army and central paramilitary forces in Jammu and Kashmir
were found to be false.

"Since, January, 1994 till December, 2009, out of 1,206 complaints of
human rights excesses received against personnel
of the army and central para military forces (CPMFS), 1,180 have been
investigated and 1,147 found false," the Annual Report for2009-10 of
the ministry of home affairs said.

It said in 33 cases where the complaints were found genuine, penalties
have been imposed on 74 personnel of the army and CPMFs while in six
cases compensation have been awarded.

The report said the government attaches highest importance to the
subject of human rights and said security forces are under instruction
to respect the human rights of all people and work steadfastly with
humane face while performing their day-to-day operational duties.

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