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Dear All,

I context of the argument one might find this profile of Ms Roy
interesting. It was written well before she won the Booker! And that
time, the media came after her because her novel sold like no other
novel by an unpublished Indian ever (even NRI's like Rushdie's or
Seth's). She was guarding her privacy jealously before the media got
the whiff of it! I think that was the time when love-to-hate Ms Roy
saga began taking roots!

This is the link to that article published in Outlook (Sep 25, 1996).



On 11/1/10, Rajkamal Goswami <rajkamalgoswami at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Trivediji,
> While I respect your right to having a free opinion, I, at the same
> time wish to exercise my right: i.e. to disagree vehemently to your
> opinion.
> 1. Ms. Roy is not publicity hungry. Its the other way round. Its the
> popular print and electronic media people after sensational stories
> that are, and they find Ms. Roy as the perfect sacrificial doll each
> time Ms Roy writes/speaks something radically different (though not
> necessarily fantastic or untrue).
> 2. With regards the recent Kashmir-azadi cintroversy, all that Ms Roy
> did was give a talk at an obscure seminar in Delhi. The seminar
> (including what Ms Roy and other speakers said) would have remained
> obscure, but for the sensation-starved media! Ms Roy didn't shout at
> the top of her lungs from the rooftops demanding attention to what she
> spoke at the seminar. The media did.
> 3. Does Ms Roy happen to be so unfortunate that she won the booker
> prize before she started her politics/opinion came to be noticed? Was
> it her fault or the media's which jumped at the opportunity of
> publishing a booker winner!
> there are many more but for now i guess these will suffice.
> thanks and regards
> Rajkamal
> On 10/31/10, Bipin Trivedi <aliens at dataone.in> wrote:
>> Dear Rajkamal,
>> Of course word chip I mean for cheap only as said by Aalok. Arundhati is
>> just publicity hunger nothing else. If she is really worrying for Kashmir
>> than where was she for 2 decades when bloodbath was created by few
>> Kashmiri
>> separatists and terrorists. Not a single word from her against these.
>> Such
>> violent situation all these years effected heavily to common people of
>> Kashmir only. She never expressed any feeling for this proves that her
>> recent statement was just publicity stunt of her own. Perhaps you will
>> hear
>> some new booker like award for her!
>> Thanks
>> Bipin Trivedi
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>> Dear Trivediji,
>> "she is just after negative and chip publicity"
>> I wish to strongly contradict this view of yours. But before I do that
>> can you explain what do you mean by 'chip; here?
>> Rajkamal
>> On 10/31/10, Bipin Trivedi <aliens at dataone.in> wrote:
>>> Guha says, "She's crazy. Arundhati Roy has become a joke, a publicity
>>> fiend," Guha told Bangalore Mirror. "She hops from cause to cause, and
>> just
>>> look at the company she's keeping ... the likes of Syed Ali Shah
>>> Geelani,
>> an
>>> ultimate bigot who wants to keep women in purdah and bring in an Islamic
>>> theocracy."
>>> While posting maoist topic discussion read my view on Arundhati as
>>> under:
>>> (1) When asked the question to Arundhati that most of people hate your
>> views
>>> and writing and believe your thought impractical. She replies, if whole
>>> of
>>> India hate me I have to believe I am wrong. Then why you waiting for,
>>> understand this and come back from your wrong belief now. This proves
>>> that
>>> she is just after negative and chip publicity. (2) Even government wants
>>> Arundhati to be mediator between the government and maoist, but she
>> denies.
>>> This is also creates doubt on her sincerity. What I think, she wants
>>> just
>>> mere publicity out of this and wants to create a show that she worried
>>> of
>>> tribal! By that way, she wants to increase sale of her books and reader
>>> audience.
>>> Same thing applicable now also. Kashmir problem is there since almost
>> after
>>> independence and its intensity increased since 2 decades, but I have not
>>> heard any comment earlier for this issue. So, why now? She always remain
>> of
>>> search of current hot topics and sensitized it to catch attention of
>>> media
>>> just for mere chip publicity. Dear Tara, you are right, after her shared
>>> stage with crook Geelani, many like you became her critics.
>>> Thanks
>>> Bipin Trivedi
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