[Reader-list] Film Screenings in November

Chandni Parekh chandni_parekh at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 1 11:37:14 IST 2010

Upcoming Film Screenings:

9th Third Eye Asian Film Festival, Oct 29-Nov 4, Bombay

Screening of Five Turkish Films, Nov 1-3, Bombay

'Inshallah, Football' by Ashvin Kumar, Nov 2, Delhi

'All About My Mother' by Pedro Almodóvar (Spanish), Nov 4, Bombay

'Still Standing' by Pankaj Johar, Nov 6, Delhi

A Collection of Children's Films, Nov 9-10, Delhi

'Mon Oncle' by Jacques Tati (French), Nov 10, Bombay

Short Films presented by Shamiana, Nov 11, Ahmedabad

'Dream  Bridge' by Anto, 'The Devil's Bridge' by Temir Birnazarov and 'In the  
Forest Hangs a Bridge' by Sanjay Kak, Nov 12, Chennai

'K. L. Saigal' by Yash Pal Chaudhary, Nov 12, Bombay

Screening of Short Films, Nov 13, Delhi

Short Films presented by Friends of Cinema, Nov 13, Bombay

'Jadui Pankh' by Nitin Das, Nov 14, Delhi

'The Passenger' by Stanislav Govorukhin (Russian), Nov 16, Delhi

'Harun-Arun' by Vinod Ganatra, Nov 20, Bombay

Irish Film Festival, Nov 20-24, Delhi

The 41st International Film Festival of India, Nov 22-Dec 2, Goa

The 5th Nazariya Films for Peace  Festival, Nov 23-25, Ahmedabad

The Hindustani Music Film Festival, Nov 27-28, Jaipur

Vikalp at Prithvi  presents 'Qana' by Mohammadreza Abbasian (Persian), 'Dreadful 
Fate' by  Dulam Satyanarayana, 'A Family Drama' by Tanmay Deo and Dnyanesh  
Zoting, 'Trishanku' by Dnyanesh Zoting, and 'Lapandav' (Hide and Seek)  by 
Tanmay Deo, Nov 29, 7 pm, Prithvi House, Juhu, Bombay

'Urdu & Modern India' by Kaamna Prasad, Nov 30, Delhi

For details of these screenings, visit the Discussion Board of the 
Vikalp at Prithvi group on Facebook.

- Chandni

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