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Dear Bipin,

What is the source of this information? I am very much interested. Thanks

On Sun, Oct 31, 2010 at 10:24 PM, Bipin Trivedi <aliens at dataone.in> wrote:

> 4 blunders made by our great leader Mr. Nehru as under.
> 1. In 1945, India was offered permanent membership by UN was denied by
> Nehru
> giving reason that china is more eligible for this than India!
> 2. Indian army has reached almost to Lahore in 1948 war but strangely at
> that time Nehru ordered army to come back and took Kashmir problem in the
> international forum. One can describe this move as anti-national. Else, at
> that time only we could have taken back POK and Kashmir would not be
> problematic state and no Kashmir issue exists.
> 3. Without any resistance, he accepted China's occupation of Tibet. Instead
> of plainly accepting such thing on China demand, he would have keep mum at
> that time.
> 4. His biggest mistake is to keep Mr. Menon as NSA and keep him continued
> even after he was giving wrong foreign advises many times.
> Everyone knows that Sardar Patel did some extraordinary tough job
> successfully by convincing various kingdoms of India by any means and made
> India united at that time. But, unfortunately for strange reason, Nehru
> took
> back charge of Kashmir from Sardar Patel and made blunders which we are
> suffering till today. If it was with Sardar at that time than there want be
> any Kashmir problem today. Along with Kashmir charge, Nehru wants Hyderabad
> state charge also but with boldly and firmly Sardar denied it and today
> Hyderabad/Andhra is not at all problematic state and feel proud to be with
> India.
> Thanks
> Bipin Trivedi
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