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When longing in desert becomes too long, one does see mirages and what
appears as an Oasis is actually a phenomenon of total internal refraction.
Just read an article on HOMEWARD INWARD which looked like one such Mirage.

It made everyone to forget in a second the hounding of 1 million minorities
, It made us to forget the 6000 temples and Hindu institutions whose
identity has been grounded into the unsettled dust of worst ever home grown
militancy.It made Nelson Mandella out of Hurriyat like a recent movie named

Most of my Kashmiri Muslim friends who are still in kashmir or out of valley
are so nice to me that one can just blindfold the eyes and set forth
tomorrow morning back to valley from these vast dry and hot plains of North
India. But that would be completing the optical dimensions of my thoughts
through a reflecting prism which one would use in 9th standard Science
practical’s. After graduating one needs to take Optics beyond 9th standard

I wish to take out this Mirage and want to look over the wall for reality
bites badly but it is important that rather than misleading the hoards of KP
refugees into another hell in Kashmir,we must do some analysis before we
welcome any conclusion of a *'happy come luck go'* media savvy

In December 2009 , I spent my entire Christmas vacation in Jammu and met
many people. Some filthy rich , some downtrodden and some like me ,fighting
fit for survival. Among the odd mass of folks , that I met : was a family of
Late Sh Poshkar Nath ( Name and Identity Changed ) . He died of an accident
and JK govt was more than willing to give his only young daughter some Govt
Job. Although he was a Class 2 officer but as per rules his daughter was
given an another clerical post in his department. Condition laid by JK Govt
was that she should work in Srinagar. Both Widow and destitute Daughter
thought it more than appropriate to go over to Srinagar and start working

Mother was more or less a caretaker and with a zeal to Guard her daughter in
troubled waters of Kashmir. First few days saw an amazing bonhomie and
communal unity. But soon reality dawned and they saw the other side of
wicked communal world raking up under the carpets.. Although she was a
clerical grade but her seat was provided next to peon who happened to be the
known ruffian in the department. When this sister of ours went to officers
cabin , He quickly proposed a night out in Gulmarg for pretext of Official

Outside, from Peon and the local people started making visits to her
office with lewd remarks.Some asking for her hand and some asking her to
convert. Some guaranteeing Bungalow and some seeking her affection by threat
, perception or purchase. She soon realized that it was a time to give a
call. One day she broke down in office and started shouting on all the male
members of the office. Other female members from majority community rather
than helping her , called her RSS agent and an Indian Bitch. It was now or

Peon of the said office often tried to molest her but got a nice kick from
our brave sister. After lot of follow up with Ministers and other heads of
department , she ultimately realized that it was the end of her innings in
Kashmir. Both Mother and daughter returned back from Islamic Junta Republic
saving their honour. How they are making their ends meet , I wont comprehend
further but it is indeed a tip of the iceberg which should give us a signal
that PARMESHWARI episodes are still not over in Kashmir. Of the 800 KP girls
selected by JK govt, I can bet that 50% will be converted to Islam in next 2
yrs if we let them work in Kashmir. By threat , by manipulation , by
motivation : they will make sure that our numbers dwindle.

On Shivratri, a good Muslim friend of mine got me a nice gift from Srinagar
and requested me to come over to kashmir. I had no doubts over his honest
request and hugged him.. Tears came down because after long long
time,someone had invited me to visit my own home.. It sounds bad but that is
the reality. I was also very honest to tell him that since my ideology is
against Hurriyat and been an active member in exile to oppose their theory
and methodology as such , it wont take them much time to annihilate me. He
replied that they know that I would be his guest as his own brothers have
been Ex terrorists and none will ever dare to touch me. I asked him a
question " What if your brother kills me ? " His blank face was a reply to
my question and doubts that did cast their evil shadow in 1990.

Kashmiri Muslims made a blanket statement that we wont harm you since we are
good neighbours but we cant assure your safety, if outsiders from other
villages would come to destroy to. This is a typical Insurance guarantee
based on solicitation attitude.

Being in IT,It is always good in maintaining client management and having
learnt these skills from our Shawl wallahs who travel from kashmir and are
our angels from Kashmir in Winter seasons. They are like our Kabulliwalas
who let us know about the state of affairs in Kashmir. In 1979 my
grandfather had made a land settlement with Tillers of his ancestral village
and I must have been sucking thumb that time. As per the new land
reforms,the muslim tillers got a good share of land and left most of the
Hindus landless. Well , personally I am in favour of land reforms , thanks
to my communist ideology which I studied for sometime.

After 25 years , a Shawl walla visited us and he turned out to be the son in
law of same KASHTKAR ( LAND TILLER ). In 25 yrs , they had become very rich
and bountiful crops assured thay they ride high of econoical ladder
facilitated by GOI economic policies. I was happy to reconnect to the roots
from where my ancestors descended.

Majid ( Shawl wala ) told me about the good old days that his father in law
had spent with my Grand father. How they studied together and helped one
another overlooking the communal divide. 3 years on and we would exchange
telephone calls and greetings. My love and affection for their family till
date is something which one cant express in words. Selected Swiss Chocolates
and toffees from my overseas trip would get rotten in Freezer but Mom would
preserve them for Majids Kids.

Last year Father in Law Mohd Gufaar Bhatt ( Named Changed ) had a spiritual
vision after tasting one such chocolate. Being a good Namazi and spiritually
aligned person , he called on his progeny and announced to pay us some money
in return of a land embezzlement that he had done in 1979 against my Grand
Father. He wanted to wash off his sins before proceeding to grave.

Since he was to Hajj recently and associated with DEEN a lot , he decided to
make the payment. Majid agreed but other sons objected. Finally as per my
sources, amount was reduced to half and finally Majid with one of the sons
of Mohd Gufaar decided to call me with the offer. For sake of God , It
looked to me that they have personally risen so high and esteemed that I
would never ever even think of in any part of the world.But I just thought
to test them.

Amount wasnt too handsome but I considered it as a token of love and
something to which I couldnt say no. I requested them not to pay me but keep
equivalent value of land holding in my name ( wouldnt have been a 100 Sq
yard as per current market rates ). Dud came the reply from Majid with whom
I had endless discussion on Kehwa . "batan Haenz kabri sund tyen adhaah
rozne bapat " meaning "Not even for grave of Kashmiri Pandit , forget to get
a land for your habitat"

These few incidents were an eye opener for me and hope that those who
believe that HOMEWARD INWARD has started , they should realise that all that
glitters isnt gold. please scratch a bit and realty will be very bad.

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