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Ana Valdes agora158 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 13:52:27 IST 2010

Dear Francesca I share with you the same feeling of frustration and dismay. I subscribed to this list because I like what Sarai do in the Art field, I like their ability to challenge and provoke.
The discussion about Arundathi Roys comments about Kashmir feels strange fot someone living outside India. My knowledge about the topic is very limited but I react to the tone and the essence of the messages.
I am à writer and spent four years in à high security prison in South America for aaying, writing and acting in.à way the military regime disliked.
I has been working in the Pen club fot many years, sending letters to politicians in the whole world to release writers fr.o.m. prison.
À Swedish Eritrean journalist, Dawitt Isaak, has spent 16 years in prison without trial in Eritrea, he is accused of being à spy and for offending the Eritrean state.
We worked very hard to support Taslima Nasrin when she was banned, we did the same with Salman Rushdie. The role of the writers and the artists is always these, to challenge, to provoke, to offend the sensibilities of politicians and military, to be à fly in the ear of those exercing the power.
I don't know Arundathi Roy but I am willing to defend her right to dissent and to be umconfortable, I believed that people in this list shared with me this feelings.
Ana Valdes living in Sweden

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3 nov 2010 kl. 08:58 skrev francesca recchia <kiccovich at yahoo.com>:

> Dear all
> I am writing this message as in the past days it often happen to me to discuss 
> about the list with different people from different contexts in different 
> places.
> I feel that the potentials of exchange and interactions that the list offers are 
> immense - an incredible spring of food for thoughts that unfortunately often 
> gets lost in personal attacks, petty accusations, aggressive tones and 
> dismissive attitude.
> I understand that some political matters are close to people's heart, but this 
> does not justify the lowering of the tone of the intellectual exchange.
> I have often thought of unsubscribing, but the knowledge that every once in a 
> while there is the chance of positive engagement  prevented me from doing so.
> My posts have often gone unanswered - i reckon they are not very interesting to 
> the other members - i wonder whether this will get any response. :)
> Warmly
> francesca
> francesca recchia
> kiccovich at yahoo.com
> it +39 338 166 3648
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