[Reader-list] Court asks cops to file report on Arundhati Roy

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Fri Nov 5 03:31:06 IST 2010

Dear Shri (self styled) Khak, 

thank you for forwarding this excellent report from the esteemed newspaper,
'The Pioneer' which is truly a pioneer, as far as psy-ops are concerned. 

My attention was drawn to the last line of the sentence, which refers to a
'self styled media critic Shuddhabrata Sengupta'. This person happens to be me.
Since I have never styled myself as anything much, let alone a 'media critic' I
wonder how Shikha Verma came to the understanding that I am a 'self styled'
media critic. Where did she gain such a unique degree of access to my 'self' to
know that I have 'styled' myself as she thinks I have? I have never met her,
never spoken to her, nor ever described myself to her, or to anyone else as
'media critic'. So I fail to understand, how the prefix 'self styled' can be
attached to the term 'media critic' in my case.

If the correspondent can find it fit to publish her fantasies about what she
thinks I have said about myself, then perhaps, we would do well to look at the
rest of her report with some amount of scepticism. 

The Pioneer often puts words into the mouths of those whom it reports on that
surprise everyone, including those who apparently said those words. In another
recent report, duly forwarded to this space by Aditya Raj Kaul, another
inventive Pioneer correspondent had said that Ms. Arundhati Roy had wanted
freedom for Kashmir from 'naked, hungry India', when in fact she had said
nothing of the sort. And had in fact expressed her anger and sadness at the
airing of such a sentiment in Kashmir. This report purports to correct those 
fantasies after a somewhat lame fashion, but does not fail to spread
disinformation. It says the meeting involved the propagation of 'hate speech',
when in  fact nothing of that sort occurred, and can be easily checked against
the recordings of all that was said at the meeting.

Meanwhile, I will wait, patiently to see what the esteemed SHO of the Tilak
Marg Police Station has to report to Metropolitan Magistrate Navita Kumari
Bagha on the matter of what exactly was said at the meeting at LTG on the 21st
of October. 


(un-styled) Shuddha

On Thu, 4 Nov 2010 11:25:22 +0530 Sanjay Khak <sanjaykhak at gmail.com> wrote

> *Court asks cops to file report on Arundhati*
> November 04, 2010   11:28:17 AM
> *Shikha Verma | New Delhi*
> A city court on Wednesday directed Delhi Police to file a status report on a
> complaint filed against Hurriyat Leader SAS Geelani, author-turned-activist
> Arundhati Roy and others on the charges of sedition and for their hate
> speech against India in the Capital on October 21. “The Tilak Marg Station
> House Officer (SHO) is directed to file a status report on November 16,”
> Metropolitan Magistrate Navita Kumari Bagha said.
> Complainant Sushil Pandit submitted that in the “derogatory” speeches,
> accused had claimed that Kashmir was never part of India. *Prima facie*, a
> case of sedition was made out against the accused as they had “openly
> challenged the integrity and the authority” of the Government of India,
> Pandit’s counsel said. “It is a case of invoking hatred, breach of peace
> and
> disaffection towards the Govern-ment. Being a citizen of this country, the
> complainant is duly empowered by the Constitution to seek registration of an
> FIR against the accused,” he argued.
> The SHO has to submit in the status report as to whether the complainant had
> approached the police earlier with a complaint and what action did the
> police take on it. The complaint alleged that as the Government had
> “miserably failed” to initiate any action against the “culprits”.
> The counsel said, “In the session, Arundhati Roy apparently pointed toward
> imaginary Kashmiris and said: ‘*Bhookha nanga Hindustan aapke sath hai’*.
> She made provocative, anti-national and mischievous statements that were
> clearly intended to cause public disorder and uproar in Kashmir and other
> parts of India.
> She said, ‘Not only does Kashmir want *azadi* from India, India also wants
> *
> azadi* from Kashmir’.”
> Besides Geelani, Parliament attack convict (later acquitted) Prof SAR
> Geelani and Roy, the complaint also sought prosecution of four others,
> including Jammu & Kashmir University prof Sheikh Showkat Hussain, pro-Maoist
> writer Varavara Rao, APDR activist Sujato Bhadra and self-styled media
> critic Shuddhabrata Sengupta.
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