[Reader-list] A failed child-labour rescue and otherdilemmasofJamia Nagar

shveta at sarai.net shveta at sarai.net
Sun Nov 7 09:50:14 IST 2010

> >> > course, one shouldn’t even mention that Delhi’s
> >> aspirations of becoming a world class city during the recent
> >> CW games didn’t touch this area in any way.

It's interesting that elsewhere people are crying foul because delhi's
aspirations of becoming a world class city during the games DID touch areas and
neighbourhoods. Here you are suggesting neglect/exclusion because it "didn't
touch". Kind of confusing.

> >> > Now we are going to file complain to the appropriate
> >> authority to take proper action against who interrupted the
> >> official work by sustaining the rescue operation and
> >> forcibly taking away the freed children and thus registering
> >> cases for kidnapping/ abduction for purpose of slavery
> >> (Sec.367 IPC), obtaining possession of a minor for an
> >> illegal/immoral purpose of child labour (Sec. 373 IPC),
> >> Criminal Assault, obstructing and assaulting a public
> >> servant from doing his/her duty (Sec. 186, 189 IPC),
> >> Criminal Intimidation and threat of grievous hurt or death
> >> (Sec. 506), Criminal Conspiracy etc.

Are NGOs now openly becoming weapons of the state?


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