[Reader-list] Kashmiris protest against Separatists in Srinagar

Aditya Raj Kaul kauladityaraj at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 11:01:08 IST 2010

*This ANI-REUTERS report is for those few who without any ground question
the credibility of decades old J&K newspapers. They earn their living out of
rhetoric and rant in the name of 'freedom of speech'.
Kashmiris protest against shutdown calls of separatists in ValleyLink -


A large number of local residents in Srinagar took to streets in protest of
frequent shutdown calls given by the separatists and curfew restrictions
imposed by the administration over the past four months.

The Valley has been intermittently under curfew, strikes, protest for
months, claiming more than 100 lives in the clash between security forces
and stone pelters.

The slogans-shouting protester said that their lives have been thrown out of
the gear due to disturbances. In particular, they mentioned the daily wage
earners have been the worst hit.

"The normal lives of the people have been hit badly. The present situation
has ruined our lives. This curfew has disturbed our lives. People have
committing crimes by calling for strikes and clashes. We are unable to work.
We want to lead a peaceful life," said Shabir Ahmad, a local.

The protestors also slammed separatist outfit Hurriyat Conference and its
leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani for his failure to resolve the Kashmir issue
with a pragmatic approach.

"We want to tell them (Hurriyat), especially Geelani, why are poor people
suffering? Why they don't come on streets as we have come? Why they don't
want to solve the Kashmir dispute?" said Shabnum, another local. (ANI)


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