[Reader-list] Kashmir has become the whore of academia

Aalok Aima aalok.aima at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 8 16:20:11 IST 2010

i shared your response with shantiveer and he has written back:

"Thanks! As you rightly pointed out 'it does not question the stature or brilliance of these names'. Actually I would echo Ana, for I myself am captivated by the sharp intellect of Gayatri Chakraborty Spivak. 

I have been seeing an army of 'academics' descend on Kashmir all these years in the search of 'research' of all kinds. The present comment was precipitated by one ........"    (shantiveer)

particular references to names and their activities witheld by me

........... aalok aima 
Aalok Aima aalok.aima at yahoo.com 
Mon Nov 8 15:26:12 IST 2010 
i will try and convey your response to shantiveer
i myself have no idea who spivak, deleuze and guattari are or what their gender is
from what i read in the comment, it does not question the stature or brilliance of those names
.......... aalok aima

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Spivak, Roy, it seems only the women who had achieved some international presence has the power to provoke and upset.
I met Spivak several times and I am always happy surprised for her intellectual capacity of renovation and her views.
By the way some years ago she told me she spent several months each year in India teaching in à very humble  ways in à school for girls in the country, far fr.o.m. cities and commodities.

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8 nov 2010 kl. 10:13 skrev Aalok Aima <aalok.aima at yahoo.com>:

> comment made in a facebook group by shantiveer kaul:
> " Kashmir has become the whore of academia - subject to merchandizing and ‘intellectual summation-characterization’ of essential reductionists/ fake modernists; Spivak spewing senors and senoras at a safe 'university-funded' distance – recording only the passing of a minor, or the making of a major academic event; who spout Deleuze and Guattari at the drop of a bonnet, deconstruct pointless death into a reading of martyrdom that can be packaged and sold at Oxford if not at Harrods and who co-opt our brightest young minds to become their articled clerks. We live in sad times."
> ......... aalok aima
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