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Yet another initiative by Vinod, one of my dearest friends...

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From: Vinod Sreedhar <vinodsreedhar at gmail.com>
Date: 9 November 2010 
Subject: the INSIDE OUT workshop - Moving from where you are to where you want 
to be

Hi :)  

It's time for another Journeys With Meaning visit. But this time it's another 
kind - not Ladakh or Kashmir or other beautiful places across India that i 
usually organise visits to. This time it's a journey that will take you deep 
within a domain that is largely unexplored - an exciting and meaningful voyage 
into the deepest recesses of your heart and mind. Welcome to... 

theINSIDE OUT workshop 
If you've been feeling that there should be much more to life than slogging your 
way through school & college, struggling to find a good job and then struggling 
again to keep it, or getting paid a pretty good salary but never having enough 
to do everything that you really want to do, then let me tell you something - 
you're absolutely right!

Sure, Life can be lived that way. Most people do live their lives pursuing these 
very things. And they're welcome to that if that's what they really want.  

But what about you - is that what YOU really want? Here's an opportunity to 
experience a tremendous shift: 
	* from being confused to knowing exactly what you want in your life
	* from being lazy and hesitant to becoming highly self-motivated and filled 
with proactivity
	* from being worried and anxious to being filled with conviction and positive 

It's what we're going to do with ourselves over 3 exciting days later this month 
- the process of looking within ourselves and completely turning our deepest 
beliefs, desires, aspirations and fears fully Inside Out. These are going to be 
brought out into the light and re-examined closely, with honesty and courage. 

And then we're going to put ourselves through a much needed overhauling. When 
we're done with it, you're going to come out feeling much clearer about your 
life, how you want to live it and what actions you're going to take to get from 
where you are to where you want to be. 

Who is it for?
This workshopis aimed at people who want more out of their lives. Does living 
life on your terms sound good? And are you willing to invest some time in 
learning more about who you really are and what your deepest desires and values 
are? That's all you need really. Combine these insights with the willingness to 
experiment consciously & intelligently with your life and the learnings from 
these experiments, and you are on your way to living the good life!   

What will you learn?
You will have to decide in what ways you want to change. The workshop will 
provide you with the insights, the strategies, a supportive environment, and 
useful resources which will help you make these changes. These are the different 
areas that we will be working on: 


Integrity - Complete honesty with self and others

Love - Complete acceptance of self and others

Courage - Facing one’s fears, incrementally or directly, until they dissolve

Excellence - Personal mastery


Compassion - Learning to see every relationship and situation with love

Trust - Choosing the positive over the negative each time

Creativity - Trying as many different approaches as it takes to manifest 
one’s vision and goals

Inclusivity - Working for the good of all... operating on the principle of 

Date and Venue
November 25th to 27th at ESI (Environment Sanitation Institute) Sughad, 
To ensure that the quality of interactions is high, the workshop will have a 
maximum of 20 participants. Please register latest by November 17th. You can 
email me at vinodsreedhar at gmail.com or call me on +91 9819 154 365 to find out 
how to register.

The Cost

The recommended fee for this workshop is Rs.3,700/- for the 3 days. You will be 
paying for two things mainly: 

	* Rs.1,700/- (which every participant will have to contribute) will cover your 
stay & food costs and use of the venue facilities for all 3 days. It also 
includes a small contribution towards my boarding and lodging costs. This amount 
will go directly to the centre. 
	* The remaining Rs.2,000/- is intended as a voluntary contribution for my time 
& facilitation and the work that has gone into organizing this workshop. 
However, as this is a Pay-What-You-Want workshop, this is only a recommended 
amount. Please feel free to offer less or more than Rs.2,000/- depending on your 
ability to pay. If you find the workshop helpful, you can go by the value you 
feel you’ve received and make an appropriate contribution. If you don't find the 
workshop helpful or are unable to contribute for whatever reason, you don't have 
to. You could also choose to contribute at a later date if that’s what works for 
you. All contributions will be made anonymously by participants. Participants 
will have to bear their own travel costs to and from Ahmedabad from their 
respective cities. 

Please see the attached brochure for more details about the workshop. If you 
don't know me and have received this email from friends, the brochure will also 
provide more information about me and the work i have been doing over the 


change what's outside you by changing what’s inside you… 


www.signposts.co.in - For Those Who Dare To Follow Their Hearts


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