[Reader-list] Kashmir’s Fruits of Discord (or a discordant arundhati roy?)

Aalok Aima aalok.aima at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 9 17:41:02 IST 2010

that arundhati roy has lost a sense of reality was being suspected for quite some time and became evident in her statement after the protest by the bjp mahila wing at her house on 31/10/10
her latest article  in nyt only confirms it
she writes "I wasn’t arrested that night. Instead, in what is becoming a common political strategy, officials outsourced their displeasure to the mob. A few days after I returned home, the women’s wing of the Bharatiya Janata Party (the right-wing Hindu nationalist opposition) staged a demonstration outside my house, calling for my arrest."
so, according to arundhati the officials (in delhi) 'outsourced their displeasure' to (of all the people) " the women’s wing of the Bharatiya Janata Party" ........ quite a collusion between the ...congress govt and the bjp ..... all because of arundhati ...... somewhat self-delusional of her
the self-delusion is also reflected in her (kind of suggesting) that no one should file court cases against her
she writes "The murderous Bajrang Dal, a militant Hindu group that, in 2002, spearheaded attacks against Muslims in Gujarat in which more than a thousand people were killed, have announced that they are going to “fix” me with all the means at their disposal, including by filing criminal charges against me in different courts across the country."
(much as i detest them) what is wrong with bajrang dal or any other organisation or individual "filing criminal charges" against arundhati "in different courts across the country"? for sure it would be harassment but arundhati should expect that as a counter for her version of the truth ...... nothing illegal about it ......... no human rights abuse in it .... it is the 'aazadi' of approaching a court of law (or many) with a complaint 
tale piece : there has to be a tale to be found in arundhati's rancour against and dissatisfaction with obama (in his india visit) being discordant with arundhati's separatist brothers of kashmir's stone age being "jubilant" over obama
.............. aalok aima
arundhati has earlier written screenplays


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