[Reader-list] Study disputes Gujarat's miracle in agriculture growth

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Dear all

The link for the report:



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> Hi Bipin,
> I would like to know your views on the following news item that appeared
> this morning.
> Thanks
> "The study says that the "miracle" argument fails to take into account a
> crucial figure - fall of agricultural output by 30 per cent during two
> drought years, 1999 and 2000.
> Then, there is yet another distortion - the 9.6 per cent growth rate is on
> current prices, which means that the "figures are not corrected for
> inflation".
> It underlines, "The 'growth' observed in the recent past (2002 onwards) is
> nothing but a good recovery from a major dip in production occurred during
> the drought years of 1999 and 2000." The state officials are examining the
> study.
> The study also disputes the argument that dependence on rainfall went down
> in Gujarat due to a large number of check dams built in the state in
> 1999-2000.
> The highest growth, 22 per cent, during 1980-2006, was on account of milk
> production. As for crops like cotton and groundnut, "with good monsoons,
> production grew substantially with steady expansion in cropped area or
> yield
> growth", but in drought years "production suffered with shrinkage in area
> under irrigated winter crops, and sharp reduction in yield of crops sown in
> kharif, including cotton and groundnut".
> Read more: Study disputes Gujarat's miracle in agriculture growth - The
> Times of India<
> http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/ahmedabad/Study-disputes-Gujarats-miracle-in-agriculture-growth/articleshow/6897547.cms#ixzz14r5xAFat
> >
> http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/ahmedabad/Study-disputes-Gujarats-miracle-in-agriculture-growth/articleshow/6897547.cms#ixzz14r5xAFat
> Thanks
> Anupam
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