[Reader-list] Study disputes Gujarat's miracle in agriculture growth

Bipin Trivedi aliens at dataone.in
Wed Nov 10 19:36:06 IST 2010


Why you are seeking answer from me for this. What I have earlier mentioned
is Gujarat growth is healthy in agriculture and I have never mentioned that
this turn around done by Narendra Modi only. 


The 2 reports, 1 from International Water management Institute, Sri Lanka
and other from Institute of Resource Analysis and Policy, Hyderabad. I am
not the authority to judge about these reports. Some expert panel can decide
about both the report status. Gujarat govt. authority must have read this
let us wait for their reaction. But, I can see major difference by way of
increased in happiness of the farmers in this decade. This practical
difference can be experience in these days while roaming in the villages of
Gujarat compared to previous days. Also, those opposing Narmada dam must
notice this report that narmada dam water benefited the farmers and gave
positive results. Check dam benefits during monsoon only while narmada dam
water benefits whole year and for ever.



Bipin Trivedi



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Dear all

The link for the report:



On Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 11:06 AM, anupam chakravartty <c.anupam at gmail.com>

Hi Bipin,

I would like to know your views on the following news item that appeared
this morning.


"The study says that the "miracle" argument fails to take into account a
crucial figure - fall of agricultural output by 30 per cent during two
drought years, 1999 and 2000.

Then, there is yet another distortion - the 9.6 per cent growth rate is on
current prices, which means that the "figures are not corrected for

It underlines, "The 'growth' observed in the recent past (2002 onwards) is
nothing but a good recovery from a major dip in production occurred during
the drought years of 1999 and 2000." The state officials are examining the

The study also disputes the argument that dependence on rainfall went down
in Gujarat due to a large number of check dams built in the state in

The highest growth, 22 per cent, during 1980-2006, was on account of milk
production. As for crops like cotton and groundnut, "with good monsoons,
production grew substantially with steady expansion in cropped area or yield
growth", but in drought years "production suffered with shrinkage in area
under irrigated winter crops, and sharp reduction in yield of crops sown in
kharif, including cotton and groundnut".

Read more: Study disputes Gujarat's miracle in agriculture growth - The
Times of

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