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Frames of Reference 2011
(Annual Student Seminar)
 Centre for Media and Cultural Studies
Tata Institute of social Sciences, Mumbai
(January 29-30, 2011)

Call for papers from post graduate students
Performing Resistance
The idea of “art” has worn many garbs through the centuries and has
shaped and become part of multiple and varied conceptions of social
reality. Art, once it discarded its burden of verisimilitude to a
reality out there, has often been seen as potentially subversive
because of its ability to defamiliarise the familiar, to open up new
ways of seeing and being. This potential of art to resist dominant
ideologies has generally been attributed to avant garde “high” art, as
opposed to popular forms.
Moving from a once canonised exclusive social milieu where art forms
were viewed as reserved only for a “discerning” elite class, we have
seen ruptures in space and time where popular culture, indigenous,
folk and traditional art forms have entered the academic debate with
the sort of energy that shook the ivory tower of high culture from its
foundations. Moreover newer forms of expression have emerged out of
the unique encounters and the social processes that the contemporary
scenario throws together. It is important then at this critical
juncture to look afresh at our conception of art and how we can view
its articulation within relations of power and resistance in the
social matrix.
In a broad sweep of “the arts” we can include visual art of all kinds,
(cinema, painting, installation etc.) literature, performative arts as
well as other more innovative forms which use an aesthetic base to
project their content.
One cannot view the arts in isolation from social and political
events. The very production of these works is often embedded within
broader discourses of the communities and the prevalent cultural
dynamic.  In this seminar we seek to understand and critically
interrogate works of art that question dominant ideologies and
structures within the frameworks of gender, religion, caste, class and
the nation.  We are looking specifically here at forms of art which
offer up the potential for a subversive politics within the

Possible topics may include but are not restricted to:
•       Art and conflict-ridden regions
•       Art and violence
•       Censorship and the freedom of expression
•       Satire and social/political commentary
•       Adaptations and critical, contemporary reformulations
•       Art and social movements
•       Art produced in exile
•       Representations and critiques of war
•       Politicisation of art by external forces
•       Art within the discourse of subaltern studies
•       Popular culture and alternate portrayals
•       Art and gendered politics
•       Art and the politics of caste, class and religion
•       Traditional art forms and social critique
•       Mysticism and Resistance
•       New media and the potential for subversion

Please send your abstract (300 – 500 words) and a brief bio note (200
words) to the following email or postal address by Monday, December 6

Email:  framesofreference11 at gmail.com
Postal address:
Centre for Media and Cultural Studies
Tata Institute of Social Sciences
V.N Purav Marg
Deonar, Mumbai 400088
Tel. No. 022 – 25525667

For Details:

Selected paper writers will be informed by mid December, 2010, and
will be expected to attend the seminar. Costs of hospitality and stay
will be covered by the organisers.

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