[Reader-list] Sangh Parivar hand seen in Jhalawar unrest

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Tue Nov 16 10:29:18 IST 2010

Sangh Parivar hand seen in Jhalawar unrest

Special Correspondent

JAIPUR: The Rajasthan Government's “indifferent attitude” to Vanvasi
Kalyan Parishad gaining ground in the tribal-dominated Jhalawar
district came in for severe criticism by the Rajasthan Sadbhav Manch
here on Monday. The activists alleged that tribals were being
instigated against the Muslim minority as part of a well-planned

A delegation of the Sadbhav Manch visited Manoharthana town in
Jhalawar district recently to assess the situation after the communal
violence in which two Bheel tribals were killed in police firing and
Muslim houses in the nearby Semlihaat and Maheshpura villages were

Sadbhav Manch convenor Sawai Singh said at a press conference here
that the Sangh Parivar had succeeded in communalising the atmosphere
in the region and the administration was under a “tremendous pressure”
not to take action even in the first information reports lodged by the
victims identifying the accused.

Mr. Singh said the police force could not enter the two villages for
40 days after the violence that took place between September 19 and
21. A police outpost was burnt and the policemen were chased away and
the houses, huts, shops, farmhouses, grain stores and crops of the
minority community were looted and burnt.

Tribals also allegedly attacked two local journalists who went to
Semlihaat to cover the incidents. Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang
Dal activists later forced closure of markets for 12 days in protest
against the death of Bheels and demanding the arrest of an affluent
businessman, Ishaq Qureshi.

Even after the arrest of Mr. Qureshi on the questionable charges of
attempt to murder, the delegation found the situation far from normal.
The administration has offered a paltry assistance of Rs.3,000 each to
the owners of damaged houses, while no survey has been undertaken.

On its way from Jhalawar to Manoharthana town, the delegation saw
large hoardings at the entrance of at least 10 villages declaring:
“Welcome to the model village in Hindu Rashtra.” Mr. Singh regretted
that the administration was silent even on this blatant challenge to
the secular Constitution of the country.

Jamat-e-Islami Hind State president Mohammed Salim, who was in the
delegation, said the Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad was going ahead with its
plan to demoralise and economically shatter Muslims.


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