[Reader-list] HC glare on Roy hubby house by RASHEED KIDWAI

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Wed Nov 17 16:34:54 IST 2010

Wow!! This seems to be her real agenda. She shows the world that she
is the messiah of the "oppressed" and then she usurps their land. I
can't believe that she has a retreat in Panchmarhi. I am sure if
someone investigates her you would find it a bigger scam than
the 2G issue.

On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 4:23 PM, Aditya Raj Kaul
<kauladityaraj at gmail.com> wrote:
> HC glare on Roy hubby house
> *
> *
> *Link* - http://www.telegraphindia.com/1101117/jsp/nation/story_13187337.jsp
> *Bhopal, Nov. 16: *Writer-activist Arundhati Roy’s house in hill resort
> Panchmarhi is under threat following the rejection of an appeal in Madhya
> Pradesh High Court.
> The court has asked Arundhati’s husband, filmmaker Pradeep Kishan, to appear
> before a sub-divisional magistrate.
> The order comes four years after the Madhya Pradesh government had served a
> notice on Kishan and others for encroaching on tribal land.
> The bungalow owned by Kishan is in Bariyam village of Panchmarhi, 250km
> south-east of Bhopal and part of the Panchmarhi special area development
> authority created to protect wildlife in the region.
> In Bhopal, the buzz is that the Shivraj Singh Chauhan-led BJP regime is in a
> mood to “punish” Roy following her support for “azaadi” in the Kashmir
> Valley.
> Chauhan had recently gone on record suggesting jail as an “ideal place” for
> Roy for her “seditious pronouncements”.
> Roy and Kishan got embroiled in the land controversy in 2003 when the local
> administration claimed their elevated bungalow overlooking twin hillocks and
> vast rolling greens was in notified forest land. Then SDM Niyaz Ahmad of
> Pipariya had acted upon a complaint filed by Vijay Singh, a tribal, that
> Roy’s husband and three others, including Aradhana Seth, sister of writer
> Vikram Seth, had allegedly encroached on tribal land.
> In his affidavit, Vijay had accused them of constructing a cemented road to
> their bungalows without bothering to obtain permission or pay adequate
> compensation.
> Senior government officials who did not wish to be named said Kishan had
> bought the 4,346sqft plot in 1994. The government subsequently filed a suit
> arguing that the Forest Act of 1972 banned the sale of land in notified
> forest areas. Section 18 of the law bars buying and selling of notified
> forest land.
> Roy has also been a controversial figure in Madhya Pradesh.
> A few years ago, she campaigned for the rights of Bhopal gas survivors and
> villagers displaced by the Sardar Sarovar dam. Soon after winning the Booker
> in 1997, she joined Medha Patkar’s fight, saying the Narmada dam was a
> “fault line” between the rich and the poor.
> Today, she is having to contend with sarcastic comments from state BJP
> leaders who want her reaction to her husband “trampling upon the rights of
> hundreds and thousands of animal species”.
> A state BJP spokesperson said: “Perhaps it’s time for Arundhati to look into
> her own backyard. Instead of extending support to Kashmiri separatists and
> Naxalites, she should consider the plight of helpless animals who have been
> driven out of forest land simply because they do not have an Arundhati to
> speak for them.”
> If the SDM’s verdict goes against them, Roy, Kishan and the others can
> appeal to Manoj Srivastva, commissioner, Bhopal and Narmadapuram
> (Hoshangabad) division.
> Reprieve may come at another level, too, if the Supreme Court accepts a
> court-appointed empowered panel’s finding that Bariyam doesn’t fall in the
> category of a forest village despite being in the heart of a forest.
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