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Chintan Girish Modi chintan.backups at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 00:26:14 IST 2010



Leaping Windows was born of countless hours spent poring over manga on the
internet and hovering in the aisles of bookstores reading graphic novels we
couldn’t afford to buy. We wanted the satisfaction of holding something
tangible. We wanted to read whenever we wanted to – while commuting to work,
before going to bed, even sitting on the pot if we so desired!

Accessibility and price seemed to be the biggest problems. Not much manga is
available in India. Graphic novels are expensive enough to cause a big dent
in your pocket if you want to be a frequent buyer. We wanted to try our hand
at solving both these problems as best as we could.


At first we envisioned a physical space – bookshelves from floor to ceiling
crammed with all the books that we could buy, creaking under their weight.
Beanbags. Coffee. Regular customers crowding around and discussing comics on
lazy afternoons. But on a shoestring budget, we soon realized that the only
space we could afford was on the internet. And so, as we came down to earth,
Leaping Windows leapt.

Leaping Windows is a work in progress. We will be adding more books to the
collection as the months go by and hope to expand our community to do as
much as possible. There are many new directions we want to take, half of
which may turn out to be nothing but pipe dreams. In fact, it’s entirely
possible that we end up caffeine addicts, neck deep in debt, despairing over
our lack of foresight, but at least we’ll get to read a library-load of
comics on the way!


This website is not really about us, so we reasoned that our identities are
irrelevant. We love comics. We want to share comics. We want to connect with
other people who love comics. Like the Leaping Windows boy who remains
faceless, is nobody and can be anybody. For those of you who don’t already
know, we leave it to your imagination.

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