[Reader-list] advocacy of violence on 'Kafila'

Aalok Aima aalok.aima at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 23 16:29:42 IST 2010

"Beware, the farce called panchayat elections is round the corner. Throw some stones. Virtual or real. Stop them. You owe this to those 110 warm-blooded martyrs."
that "Throw some stones. Virtual or real" is from a  Guest post by HILAL MIR posted by Shivam Vij on 'Kafila' on 23/11/2010 
in a thread aarti sethi (of kafila) wrote "Kafila set itself up with a very clear mandate – to articulate and represent voices and views that do not get an airing in the mainstream press."
does that articulating and representing voices and views on 'kafila' include providing a platform for the advocacy of violence?
............ aalok aima


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