[Reader-list] the niira radia tapes and rs 600 crores

SJabbar sonia.jabbar at gmail.com
Tue Nov 23 17:37:36 IST 2010

Nothing could be termed illegal?  What is a Tata/Ambani PR woman doing
shmoozing for Kanimozhi and trying to get journalists to put in a word to
get Raja a cabinet berth? The same Raja who has swindled the country of
lakhs of crores?  How's unethical or immoral? What journalistic integrity
does Vir Sanghvi boast of when he's offering to take Mukesh Ambani through a
practice session before his TV interview?  And then writes a column that is
dictated by Radia?  And then in his conversation with her refers to the
Congress as 'we'.  Hello?? Whatever happened to independent journalism?
Please read all of this in the context of Mukesh Ambani boasting of the
Congress as 'apni dukaan' (our shop).  Will it be sheer conjecture if I
assume VS is part of that shop? Pl look at the Ratan Tata-Niira Radia
conversation where she tells him clearly Raja has asked for help with the
media and she is helping him.  Does Tata bat an eyelid?  Does he say, hey,
you're on my payroll, why are you getting involved?  Worst of all, this same
media, but for Open and Outlook, that has 'breaking news' every half an
hour, every single day is completely mum about this disgusting nexus.

On 23/11/10 3:50 PM, "Aalok Aima" <aalok.aima at yahoo.com> wrote:

> interesting as it is to listen into these conversations in the niira radia
> tapes, there is not much revealed in them that is not already known in general
> about the goings-on between politicians, journalists and
> corporate-lobbyists
nothing much that could be termed as 'illegal' is to be
> found in the tapes 
the journalistic ethics of vir sanghvi could be
> questioned over what seems to be his colluding with niira radia to promote
> mukesh ambani and favour him in press coverage against his brother anil
> ambani
for me the most significant thing brought out in the conversations is
> in this piece:
VIR: Where is this coming from, this pressure?
> coming from Stalin and his sister Sylvie.
VIR: Okay.
Radia: So, I believe
> Maran has given about 600 crores to Dayalu, Stalin¹s mother.
VIR: 600 Crores,
> okay?
RADIA: 600 Crores, is what I¹m told.
VIR It¹s hard to argue with that
> kind of pressure?
that is what should be investigated ....... did 600 crores
> change hands? ...... where did those 600 crores come from? ...... where is it
> lying now?
.......... aalok aima

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