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Project Bandaloop: Dance as you have never seen it! 
The AmericanCenter will be presenting aerialperformers Project 
Bandaloop in stunning action atop Jeevan Bharati, the LIC Buildingin 
New Delhi onNovember 26, 2010 at 1 p.m. and 6.30 p.m.  Given the 
location and height of the building,the shows will be visible from 
several points in and around Connaught Place, Parliament Street and 
Janpath. The event is produced by Seher in cooperation with Delhi 
Since its launch in1991, the company has performed for close to half a 
million people. 
ProjectBandaloop is arguably the first company in the world to explore 
an art form thatfuses movement with mountaineering techniques. 
Bandaloop performs in naturaland urban settings, in theaters, halls, 
towers, bridges, skyscrapers, mountains. Though the group has performed 
in India last year, too, (in Mumbai at a privatefunction and in 
Mussoorie at founder Amelia Rudolph’s alma mater Woodstock) this is 
their first performance in New Delhi. They will starttheir 2010 tour 
with a show at the historic Golconda Fort in Hyderabad. The sharp 
contrast with Jeevan Bharati, the glass, stone and metalstructure 
created by architect Charles Correa in the 1980s, sits well 
withBandaloop’s own philosophy of fusion and creativity.  Three decades 
ago, Correa was criticized forbeing too futuristic – a word that has 
been used for Bandaloop too, though in amore glowing reference. 
Accordingto the U.S. Embassy’s Cultural Affairs Officer Michael Macy, 
Bandalooprepresents America’sspirit of innovation and creativity. 
“Bandaloop’s style is also in a sense itssubstance. The group has 
broken new ground even as its dancers leave usmesmerized by their 
poetic mid-air movements.  In presenting this extremely 
non-traditionalgroup, we want to focus on the potential of the human 
mind to explore, redefineand cross boundaries. It was, therefore, 
important to us to reach out to asmany people as we could by presenting 
the show in a public place, and making itaccessible for all.” 
Interestingly,Bandaloop founder Amelia Rudolph spent much of her 
childhood in India. Analumnus of Woodstock School,  she gave her first 
public dance performance as a seven-year-old student ofBharatnatyam in 
They perform on 26th November 2010 at the LIC Building, Jeevan Bharati, 
Connaught Place, New Delhi! 
1.30 pm and 6.30pm 
Please help support the project 

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