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> Asghar Ali Engineer
> Our education systems not only promote it but also justify it. The
> poor and exploited feels helpless and begins to believe in destiny.
> Those who cannot face uncertainties either tend to resort to
> irrational religious beliefs or even commit suicide as many peasants
> in our country are doing. Also, there are ways and ways of believing
> in religion. For some with proper understanding religion is a source
> of morality and ethics whereas for many others religion is a source of
> superstitions.
> It is in this sense that Marx called religion an opium i.e. pain
> killer. Thus religion helps the victims of our social system
> (exploited and oppressed) to bear the pain of their suffering. It
> gives them great solace and inner peace. Only the sufferers know the
> value of this role of religion. Many people flock to godmen and babas
> in search of this inner solace. In our world which is full of
> oppression, exploitation and corruption, religion has become source of
> such peace and solace, in other words it has become only ‘opium’

Marx used 'opium' with regard to its abuse and not in the sense of a
'pain killer'. Use of opium as a means of escaping from reality has a
long history.

There are plenty of irrational illiterate/ ill-educated people for
whom religion is opium and there is nothing surprising in mass
followings. People do not look for solace, but look for divine
intervention in day to day problems.

As far as the rest of the article is concerned, the less said the
better. The monster had plenty of cash and connections in political
circles and judiciary. That is why he had VIP visitors.

It is also clear that the public has not been educated about all this:






A. Mani

A. Mani

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