[Reader-list] Narratives of Punjab & My experiments with the "faith"

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*Narratives of Punjab*

There is a *Thakurdwara* (Temple) of *Vaishnava* saint Ramdas in
Ramtatwali, Hoshiarpur District.

Swami Ramdas belonged to the age of Sikh rule under Maharaj Ranjit Singh.
Once he was meditating in the lower hills of Shivalik range. He felt
hungry. While walking down he found the *Dhoona* of a Sufi saint. He
prepared his food there. Muslim saint was amused to see the *Vaishnava
food in his abode. (to read the whole visit the link above)
My experiments with the "faith"

There is lot of confusion everywhere around me, about my faith. Some think
that I am a Moslem while others believe that I am a Hindu or may be a Sikh.
I rarely opened my cards. With this note I am not clarifying anything but
adding fuel to the confusion.

So here is my story. (to read the whole visit the link above)

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