[Reader-list] Dosti ka Paigham, from Thane to Pakistan

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Fri Jul 6 10:53:54 IST 2012

Dosti ka Paigham
A Message of Goodwill
(An Audio CD)

A family from Maharashtra reaches out to the people of Pakistan with a message of love

Dear Friends,
Ektara group finds great pleasure in introducing the Jawadekar family from Maharashtra, whose long-term dream has been to compose and sing friendly songs for the people of Pakistan which they have been yearning to visit since some time. Urdu is not their primarily language and music not their profession, yet they learned both to simply communicate their passionate feelings to their friends across the border. Their language and rendering may not be sophisticated, but it is their intention that is more important, especially keeping in mind the place they hail from. The Ektara group feels proud to be their messenger.

For more details (and to hear a sample of songs from the CD), please visit: http://dostikapaigham.tk
or http://www.ektaramusic.com/dosti-ka-paigham.html

Ektara team

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