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Fri Jul 6 20:10:58 IST 2012

*Call for Dari-English translators. *(sorry for cross-posting, but please
post widely, especially to Dari or Farsi speaking students in India.)

Afghan Films, the national film institute of Afghanistan, opened in 1968.
In a workshop with Afghan Films and Pad.ma <http://pad.ma>, a section of
feature films, newsreels, short documentaries and rushes were telecined,
digitized, and annotated by members and staff of Afghan Films along with
Shaina Anand, Mariam Ghani, Faiza Ahmad Khan and Ashok Sukumaran.  In
keeping with Pad.ma's commitment to text-based annotation, we are looking
for translators proficient in Dari and English to translate the Dari video
material from the workshop to English. This includes historical newsreels,
short documentaries and film dialogues.

See some examples of workshop material with video and textual annotations

Afghanistan: Land of Hospitality and Beauty <https://pad.ma/BQI/editor/>
This film was made in the early 1960s to promote tourism to Afghanistan.

The House of History
An essay film chronicling the destruction of Kabul, directed by Qader
Taheri and filmed by several camerapersons at Afghan Films.

A scene from the film Sculptures are Laughing <https://pad.ma/BVB/player/A>
Directed by Toryalai Shafaq, and photographed by Engineer Latif who would
go on to become one of Afghanistan's most prolific directors.

Newsreel - Weddings <https://pad.ma/BTA/player/A>
Footage of a wedding for three couples, sponsored by the Culture Ministry
and broadcast on Radio Afghanistan, with contests.

Newsreel Rushes  <https://pad.ma/BRV/player>
Land reforms by the PDPA and a critique by director Engineer Latif

The translations have to be computer-based using Pad.ma's simple
transcription software that synchronises the video with text. Translators
will be guided on how to use this software. We have modest honorariums for
the translations. Those interested can write to us at ranjana at pad.ma for
further details.


PAD.MA <http://pad.ma/> - short for Public Access Digital Media Archive -
is an online archive of densely text-annotated video material, primarily
footage and unfinished films. The entire collection is searchable and
viewable online, and is free to download for non- commercial use. We see
PAD.MA <http://pad.ma/> as a way of opening up a set of images, intentions
and effects present in video footage, resources that conventions of video-
making, editing and spectatorship have tended to suppress, or leave behind.

PAD.MA <http://pad.ma/> is best viewed in Chrome.


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