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Mon Jul 9 19:18:53 IST 2012

Are you a social entrepreneur who uses design to achieve impact and benefit for wider society? Are you a digital entrepreneur who uses new technologies to deliver creative activities? If so, apply now for the Young Creative Entrepreneur Award.

The Young Creative Entrepreneur Awards have been running since 2005 in the sectors of Design, Music, Fashion, Screen, Interactive, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Communications and Publishing, celebrating the best and brightest entrepreneurial and creative talents and giving them a platform to engage and collaborate with the UK creative sectors. The programme is unique in that it rewards the talent and initiative of young creative entrepreneurs from across the creative industries, recognising the central role they play in the development of a competitive and sustainable creative economy. It champions those who find new ways to take creative work to audiences and communities – e.g. new models of production, distribution, value - and highlights the wider social, economic and cultural benefits in doing so.

In a new development, this year the British Council will run the awards in two areas which are not only of relevance to the creative community in India, but also of interest in the UK. For 2012, the YCE awards will be held in Young Creative Entrepreneur – 

Design for Social Impact http://www.britishcouncil.org/india-arts-design.htm


Digital for Creative Industries.http://www.britishcouncil.org/india-arts-yie-award.htm

If you think your business in either of these sectors is innovative and pioneering, go through our eligibility criteria and apply. http://www.britishcouncil.org/india-projects-yces-selectionprocess.htm

You stand to win not only the prestigious title but also a study tour of your respective industry in the UK along with international peers as well as a host of collaborative opportunities.

Completed applications should be sent toyce.india at in.britishcouncil.org by 17 July 2012.

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